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KTM 1190 RC8 is here...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rob_, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. KTM have finally released their long awaited superbike...


    personally, i like it. however, in comparison spec wise to the 1098 it seems a bit down on ponies, let alone compared to the 1098R...

  2. It is hideous.
  3. Huh, you get get it in white as well.
  4. I think it's hawt.
  5. It's Kryten, reborn as a motorbike.
  6. Its made from whats left of an Abrams M1 battle tank, after an IED been through it! :shock:
  7. You are sick and twisted.
  8. haha, true.

    I think it looks sweet as!
  9. +1 to Hawt :LOL:

    Seriously... that's the first big sports bike I've seen for ages that doesn't look derivative or fugly (like the 999 dukes).

    The 1098 Dukes are nice but the styling isn't 'fresh'.
  10. glad i'm not the only one. i dont think its as 'classically' good looking like a 1098, but at least its identifiably KTM, not like the jap bikes which all seem to blend into one another. and i like that industrial, edgy sort of look. cant quite understand whats the go with the fuel tank tho. seems to have something sticking out the sides?

    i look forward to seeing what BMW does as its superbike design, especially in light of the very 'industrial' design of the K1200R and the HP2 series of bikes...
  11. I wouldn't say hawt, but it's definitely cool. The adjustable subframe is a nice touch.
  12. Ill join the minority and admit to liking the look. Ive been following the RC8 for a while (www.ktm-rc8.net) but just couldnt hang out long enough to buy one. Ill be out test riding once they release it in Oz. The Superduke is a decent ride so I dont see any reason why this wouldnt be
  13. I agree with Loz...it's VERY hot!

    It looks unique unlike alot of Jap bikes which look very similar to each other...now i just need to win Tatts :grin:
  14. go the minority its hot. i'm liking the distinct KTM look.
    bet its got a alot of torque, not to revy
  15. I'd put it in.
  16. Heart says: "It's fantastic. Unique looking, fun, different and bet it's loads of fun to ride."

    Head says: "Bet it's bloody expensive to buy / own and insure."
  17. Its downright hideous, and I am in love.

    Love the orange.
  18. So who has had this out for a ride yet? We've only got a pre-sold model up here at the moment, but with a demo to come shortly. Looks fantastic in the flesh, physically much smaller than I expected.

    Salesman needed an ass kicking for offering me a test ride. Grrr, the temptation.
  19. I saw one of these at Wakefield earlier this month. They look hawt :!: :!:
  20. Smeeeg Heeedd.... ;)