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Ktm 1050

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mattowill, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. Hi all.

    I thought I'd write a quick review of my life with my new Ktm 1050 adventure.

    I test rode the 1050, a bmw f800 gs, vstrom 1050, triumph tiger 800xcx.

    Initially I discounted the 1050 because it was out of my price range. Then Ktm dropped the price by 2 k.

    I ended up drive away 17 plus some - including 1600 worth of add ons. Bash plates, carrier bars and crash bars and the optional off-road mode.

    That's around 8k cheaper than the Ktm 1190.

    Same engine block. Same drive train. Same brakes. Same Chassis.

    What's missing. Adjustable front forks. Some electronics that didn't concern me. Um. And oh - 50 hp that I would never legally use.

    The 1050 has the same power profile up to 6500 rpm - so yes you have to short shift. But by the time you are at 6500 rpm in 6th you are doing 140 or so.

    Any you have got there bloody fast. I mean mental fast. It feels and is an incredibly responsive ride and frankly any more would be fuel guzzling license losing irrelevance.

    I had to chose between the 1050 and the tiger in the end. I saved a grand and a bit. In the end it was the question - "what excites me more. What would I regret not getting more. It was the Ktm.

    Other notes;

    I'm 6ft 3. Ergonomically the Ktm suits better. They say it's shorter than the 1190 and 1290. My feet are still not flat. It's a big bike. Needed to get handlebar risers. Would have on the 800 xcx also.

    The price they are saying is short term. It would have been a tougher call is is paid 2 k more.

    I believe - but happy to be proven wrong - that the over engineered power train (designed for the 1190 at 150 bhp) and the limitation on useful revs at 6500 rpm should on paper mean great longevity for the engine and drive train.

    The marketing department in trying to create separation from the other bikes are kind of selling this bike down. Essentially you get most of the useful bang for your buck of the 1190 .... I wonder which one they make more money on??

    The engineering is mental. The bash plate is zombie proof 6mm aluminum. It's a thing of Beauty.

    At The current price it's a bargain at the normal price it should be considered. If you test ride you will go with it.
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  2. Welcome and congrats on the new KTM.

    Im waiting for the arrival of the Super Duke GT to land on our shores as I think thats the only bike that would make me consider selling mine and upgrading but I think price will be an issue. Cant wait to test ride one though
  3. Thanks

    Yeah the gt looks suitably crazy. I reckon it will be the same price as the 1290?

    Forgot to mention. Slipper clutch was a big plus for me and perfect on a bike where you and traveling up and down
    The gears
  4. Now if you replace that exhaust with an aftermarket one, you'll have the same power to weight ratio as the 1290! ;)
  5. The exhaust is removable and can be used as a 4 man nuclear shelter. Or submarine.
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  6. TBH, you've made a very good case for a bike that I had ignorantly dismissed. It's not like anyone is going to buy one for track days, and it'll do everything else.
  7. There are some cracking good deals right now for the KTM 1050 Adventure (~$16k ride away).

    At those prices, why would you even consider the other soft-adventure/tourers: MT09 Tracer, F800GS, Tiger 800?

    (The 1190 Adventure and it's sister the -R version are still completely stupidly priced, especially in comparison to the 1050)
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    Wheres this? Cheapest one on bikesales in the whole country is $16990. Or is that the about.

    Nevermind this is that 100hp thing that weighs the same as the 1290