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K's on a CBR250RR - how much does it matter?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by wheeler84, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Howdy,

    this is my first post here (heading to "introduce myself" forum after this post)... I have a dilemma regarding CBR250RR's. I've had my heart set on one as my first bike for several months, and I was prepared to pay up to about 7 grand for one.

    That is, until the bloke who is giving me rider training mentioned they have one for sale in their garage for 3.5. Then he went on to explain how gray imports can be basically a heap of poo before they are given a nice paint job and shipped over. I have also heard that they can be made up of parts that are mixed and matched off various bikes (presumably write offs?).

    The 3.5 bike has factory paint, i'm told is in good nick, has been in Aus for 5+ years, and I will probably get the chance to test ride it on monday provided that no1 else buys it first, and I complete the rider training that day (fingers crossed!). Besides the paint (which looks clean just not jazzy), the bike had around 75000 k's on it. Compare that to 10 - 25,000 that i've seen on the grays.

    Another sticking point is he pointed out that Japan is a small country, and even when the bikes have low k's, they have probably being running for just as long, just that heavy traffic dictates that they don't go very far quickly. Whereas in Aus, 70,000 k's is better for the engine in the sense that probably alot of that has been done on fast open roads.

    Picking up a bike for 3.5 grand means that I could get the paintjob done myself for about a grand, fixed up any niggles (if there are any) and still be 2 or 3 grand better off!

    So the real question is, how much of a factor are k's? For a first bike, if I can get a solid bike, ride it for 12-24 months, and sell it for similar value i'm a happy camper.
  2. Some truths and some bollocks.

    First if the bike has been in Aus. for 5 + years, most of those K's would have been here.

    Second at 75k, the engine is the least of your worries. Suspension, frame and chain/sprocket wear are all kicking in at this stage along with corrosion. Also the electrics tend to play up with these babies. It is about 80% through its normal life, without encumbering big re-build costs. Also the clock may have been wound back!

    You have two choices. $3.5k is pretty much well throw away money (consider a week in the snow for two people) buy the bike and accept that you may need to spend up to $2k in maintenance over the next 12 months (total accepted expense $5.5k) including insurance and servicing. Or buy an aussie delivery cbr for closer to your initial budget. You still could come out on top with the secon hander.

    Also plan on a disposal cost of that amount, as LAMS will be in mid 2008. I would not take it on nervous 250 owners from various locations to be fooled into thinking that the value of these won't drop in the ass once VIC, QLD etc. come into line.

    All I can say is that while you can get ripped off easily in the motorcycle world. You generally get what you pay for. Any bike under $5-7k is generally on the way out and requires much more preventative maintenance than a newer one. This means that while they are reliable, there probability of having a major breakdown rather than a minor one is significantly increased when it does happen. This means big costs to yo unless you are a home mechanic!

    There are generally no bargins, but sounds like you could have a reasonable deal there.

    Have fun!
  3. thanks for the great advice! I'm glad I did sign up after this first reply.

    Excuse my ignorance, but what is LAMS, and why will the value drop in the ass?
  4. LAMS (learner approved motorcycle scheme or something like that), is a system where bikes are judged on their power/weight ratio instead of size alone (but still limited to 650cc). This means that bikes like the rs250 (a 2 stroke) aren't allowed, whilst bikes like the gs500f are allowed.

    Under this scheme a lot of 250's can drop in value because you can just go buy a bigger bike. Or so most people think. However sales aren't affected that badly, it just means that most bikes wont be so overpriced for the sole reason its a 250cc.

    Contrary to popular belief, cbr250rr's, zx2r's, fzr250's and gsxr250's don't fall much in value. There are very few widely available sports bikes available between 250cc and 650cc that still meet the power/weight ratio. The RVF400 is one, awesome bike, but vastly overpriced, nearly $10k at sh*tmoto. The 250 sports category also nudge their way fairly close to the power/weight ratio anyways.

    Victoria is implementing LAMS very soon, but i havent heard of any plans for QLD to be doing the same, who recently just made the requirement of 1 years of your car license (p's) before you can get your motorbike learners.

    Also, most grey's have had their odo turned back so they can sell for more. The only way to pick up a good one is to take someone that knows something about them, and get them to ride the bullocks out of them and see what they think. Yes i think the cbr250rr is worth up to about $5000 if it is in damn good condition, very hard to find.
  5. Just my opinion, but save your $ and spend it on a decent sports bike when you are of your restrictions. Those 250 4 stroke sports are a rip. I learnt through bitter experience.
  6. queensland being queensland would have to be a few years off embracing national standards :cool:

    seeing as dealerships don't give warranties anyway, maybe I should start looking at private sales... so you reckon dealer bikes have about 2 grand of fluff on the price? ouch... I wonder how they respond to cash sales...

    Sounds like low k's are definitely something to go after though, i'm not exactly a home mechanic besides basic maintanence, and I don't currently have any space to work in, in any case. I also don't want to have to fix xx issues in the first 12 months.

    I am prepared to bite the bullet on a CBR250RR, just gunna have to look hard for a good deal and hope that I can resell it for a decent price.
  7. Ae you in Queensland? If so you can do teh Q-ride course and jump on a bigger bike straight away.

    They're mostly easier to ride than 250's due to not needing so many revs to get anywhere. It will also keep you entertained for much longer, so you won't sell it as quickly.

    If I was starting over again I would pick up the cheapest, reliable 250 I could find. Probably a GPX250.

    The CBR250r (single 'R') is a much better buy than the later model. These can be had from $3.5-4k if you look around.
  8. yep in QLD, I was thinking 250 is probably enough power while I learn the ropes, and my QRide said when going for the open license you really have to perfect everything so i'm not too keen forking out the money to do that right now, would rather spend a year or so getting my skill level up so I can breeze through the opens course.
  9. Mate. Things to consider.
    How many k's do you think you'll be doing before offloading this bike? If its 5 - 10k then I'd say (all things being equal) buy the cheaper unit and save your cash. They are all worth the same if its smashed. Lets hope none of us go there!
    If its in good nick with good tyres and brakes it may actually cost you petrol and 2 services in 12 months which is pretty cheap motoring.
  10. When buying my bike, I tried a heap of them out from different dealerships. It's amazing how different they can feel. Some feel old and sluggish, others crisp, others stuck/rigid... That will give you an idea for how they can feel. Then if you still like them and you're not going to do heaps of kms, go and testride the private sale one.
  11. Wheeler, look around mate, there are a few good CBR's around Brisbane at the moment (if you don't mind grey's) although I would recommend getting an aussie one though.

    I just picked up an Aussie one (97ish build, sold 12/99) and has been one owner, 13000k's on it in great condition and I paid as best as $5k for it. Admittedly I got a deal cause I work with the lady I bought it off. However there are some fantastic deals if you look around.

    The advice I have is to do what I did, and don't rush in. Look around, be patient and don't buy the first bike you think is going to be the best. If I had have done that, I would have ended up with a CBR125R but I waited and kept patient while looking.

    Good luck and let us know what you end up doing.

  12. get a VTR, they are shitloads of em around for a reason. easier to look after than a cbr, youll pick one up for $5k, with around 15000kms on it if you are patient.
    if you want a CBR, think about how much riding you are planning on doing, if you think you will ride it everyday, including scratching, you can expect to do 40000kms plus in the 18 months you are on your restrictions.
    you wouldnt want to buy a bike with anymore than 30000kms (genuine) on it if you are thinking of doing these sorts of kms. if you are only going to ride it on sunny saturdays, sundays. you would be lucky to do any more than 5000kms.
    engine rebuilds are only part of the equation, and if you do it yourself, you are still looking at about a grand in parts. ive done 35000kms on my VTR in the last 14 months, now its on 50000kms, and when i can legally ride my other bike ill need to recondition the forks, replace disc F&R, most likely replace CCT, replace rear suspension and brushes. About another grand or so in parts. this is the price you pay for flogging the bike, doing (shit) stoppies and monos, getting it airborne, and getting off on caning it down dirt roads, whilst running it well beyond factory specs, and loving every moment of it.
    if you treat an old tired bike remotely like this, it will be fcuked within a month. so what sort of riding will you be doing?


    (sorry for the long BS, but im at work, bored and frustrated whilst all my mates are tearing through the mountains at mach 3, and its going to be like this every weekend from now on since the morgagte repayments are going to kick in soon) rant over *chill* *breathe* :grin:
    if you
  13. I wouldnt worry about the CBR dropping in value after LAMS is brought in......SA has had LAMS for years and honda dealers still want 8k for them.
    They are still a very popular bike.

    When shopping for a first bike a few months ago, LAMS list in hand, I realised (obviously along with everyone else) that the only remotely sporty LAMS approved bikes were 250's anyway.......there was actually bugger all available in the second hand market that was on the LAMS list other than 250's.....
    So yes, 250's are still overpriced, and you can still pretty much sell it for what you buy it for......due to the next wave of learner riders needing it next year.
  14. idontlikemondays, I work from home 95% of the time so the frequency of riding i'll be doing is:
    a) getting bored and thinking its an awesome day to go for a ride for a few hours (will happen about once a week)
    b) riding every weekend where the conditions are good
    c) occasionally commuting during the week where I might go to see a client (one conveniently lives out in the hills :grin: )

    the type of riding... well, i'll be taking it easy for about a week or two then i'll be starting to gradually push it and find the limits. I certainly will be redlining it where appropriate, but I think i'm a long way off mono's, stoppies and.... jumps haha you mad bastard! I don't think i'll have hardly any of that action on my first bike.

    There are heaps of good CBR's around south east qld, I think its gunna be a matter of taking a few for a test ride so I can have a bit of a benchmark to work with. I have spent half an hour in a car park on my mates one, and from all accounts thats basically what I want - low k's, perky, smooth acceleration, mechanics reckon its one of the best they've seen.
  15. by all means! the cbr when they are good are great! just be careful but, one of my mates (who shall remain nameless! :p ) got a fresh grey import with around 27000kms, in great nick. took the tank off 20000kms later to change the air filter and found it didnt have one! :eek:


    youll be doing stupid shit sooner than you realise trust me! finding its limits in terms on cornering that'll take a while, the cbrs can carry some ridiculous conrnering speed!


    take a look at thses clip, you can see what a vtr and a cbr are capable of! i have no idea who the two riders were *cough cough* :p :LOL:

  16. You'll be surprised how many of these you can fit into a week.