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KruTCH MunKey is one step closer to riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bangr, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Howdy all .

    Today I was allowed to go down to a walking stick for short trips , wooo hooo . I was able to reach my foot to cut my nails (ohh yuk) , for most you would not realize what a buzz it is to be able to bend enough to do this , it is a big step in getting back on two wheels. :bannanabutt: :dance:

    Next no walking stick , my foot behind my head (ha ha) and a leg over a bike.

    I have a ride day on the 19th July so look out , pushing hard to get to match fittness. :eek:hno:


  2. great news Brendan. You'll be back to you former self in no time. :beer:
  3. Great stuff, can't wait to see that red bike of yours again at Southbank!

    mmmmm Ducati, sounds expensive just saying it.

    The Buell pretty nice too :grin:
  4. I will be trying to get my leg over a ride as soon as I can . smileysex:
  5. Crotch munkey eh?
  6. Good stuff! Talking to a physio about this very thing on how the little things can mean so much once you don't have them. I guess it was similar/same feeling as not long ago when my right arm/hanf could finally squeeze in a tennis ball that I had been trying to do for 6-8 weeks.

    Just keep on improving :grin:
  7. Good 2 c ur coming along well.
    U'll b up 2 all ur old tricks in no time. :eek:hno:

    God help us.
  8. hey you leave those smileys alone :wink:

    Good to hear Bren, hope to see you back out there soon... and hopefully on that Duke you've assigned your wages over to Scumbag for :wink:
  9. If you aren't up to riding your own, you can come on the back with me... :cool:
  10. Hey Bren,

    Im so glad to see that you're recovering well :grin:
    Thursday nights have been quiet without you lol (well i really cant talk because i havent been in ages lol)

    Hope to catch up with you soon :wink:
  11. great news brenden!! i know all about reaching toes, a milestone! I will be happy to burn burn the crutches!!!

    Have fun on the track!!

    :) burger says you are a poofter.

  12. Hahaha .. true. And it's only because you can now touch your toes again that he's not one as well :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. you're funny jason!!!


    Cripple Fight!!!
  14. Toe touching at 5 paces :LOL:
  15. we could of had a crotch , oops I mean crutch fight .
  16. man, i'm looking forward to getting as far as you have - it took 20 minutes, but I put my own sock on yesterday. Of course, I had to lie down for a while after, but that was my milestone. To be able to trim your own nails...!

    I've been on my crutches for a week now - still miss my wheelchair..
  17. and after this will you also trying to get back on your bike? :bolt:
  18. A name change to Stick Monkey might be doubly appropriate...
  19. Hmmm SticK MunKey , I think mouth will want to use a stick on me if I change my name again , I will give this some thought :-k .

    What to get the leg over is the big one at ther moment , hmm two many choices. ](*,)
  20. wish i had that problem too!