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Kriega US-20 tailpack

Discussion in 'Luggage' at netrider.net.au started by wojzilla, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. Becoming somewhat paranoid about my tankbag scratching the deliciously shiny tank on the speed triple I decided to invest in a tailbag.

    My requirements were
    - easy to take off and put back on, don't want to take the seat off every time
    - water resistant
    - easy to carry when off the bike

    The majority that I saw used a plethora of occy straps, velcro, suction cups (ok I made that up) then I stumbled onto Kriega, liked what I saw albeit at a slight premium to ye olde oxford tailpack.


    It was a tossup between the US-10 (10lt capacity) and the US-20 (20lt), deciding that if i like it i'll probably end up getting a 10 anyway to make it a us-30 I went for the more practical 20.


    First Impressions... read the instructions to attach it. You need to slip the straps OFF the bag before you feed them under the seat. Once I had that sorted and the bag stopped wanting to jump off we were cookin' with gas.

    Taking it off/on is easy, 4 clips and off you go, the straps stay attached under the seat, however (and this is poor) you need to buy "Strap Keepers" seperately, theyre cheap ($10) but its not advertised and if you dont know to get them you'll be left with straps dangling down the side of the bike.


    What the strap keeper does is give you somewhere to attach the straps to when you want to go without the tailpack, but dont want take the straps off.

    The Bag itself... its damn big, tried it out by packing it with two beach towels and there was still some room. More than enough to take lunch, spare shoes, backup tapes etc to work, then stop on the way home and pick up dinner.

    The inside is white, making it easier to see whats inside which should come in handy im sure. Obviously it sits on the pillion seat, I can slightly feel it against my back sometimes but nothing uncomfortable.

    Definitely happy with the purchase, I'm no longer stressing about the tank getting scratched up. I like the fact that I can expand it to an additional 20lt (40 total for those playing @ home) which should be more than adequate for clothes, shoes and few personal items on longer rides. It should come with the strap keepers, even if the bag costs more as otherwise I feel you're not getting all the benefits of it.

    Bought it from Kriega Australia, happy with the process, quick shipping to boot!
  2. Excellent, thanks for the review, they were opposite us at the expo in Sydney and I looked at the backpack options, they looked nice and not cheap like most chinese rubbish that hits our shores.
  3. i have a kriega backpack, still like new about 4 years old, reaches speeds 100kph or so on a daily basis...i've also got a few other kriega accessories...tis good stuff...and you can always buy extra stuff to add on, just snaps on...like, my backpack is i think 15L, but i've got another satchel thing about 10L that i can join to it, if i do an overnighter and need to carry more...their whole range is very versatile/interchangeable.
    but anyway, kriega is as well made as any upmarket gear i've seen, plus prompt service, will arrive the next day or two after purchase.
  4. Just wondering if you would be able to provide rough dimensions of the 20 litre pack? I am very interested in getting something like this, but without being able to see one in the flesh it has to judge on size.
  5. From a post I made on another thread:

    I worked out the dimensions for my small MacBook (33 23cms).

    The dimensions of the US-20 pack is 400 x 260 (an 190mm deep)

    I have the 10L and 20L packs. I really love them. I commute with a laptop, often in the pissing down rain. Having a laptop in a magnetic tank bag worried me. Plus the tank scratchin thing, and the tankbag wasn't waterproof, and it got in the way when touring through twisties. But backpacks were heavy on the shoulders.

    Anyhoo.for commuting it is great - can do it in rain noooo problems. everything dry. Well made. I have been on some overnighters and they have been great. As you say there is the option to expand to 40 litres. I even put the small bag on for the std weekly NR rides. Just to easily chuck in tyre guage, visor cleaner, bottle of water, wets etc...handy to have. And I really like that when ON the bike, you just have no idea they are there - important for me when on a pure fun ride.

    So far only down sides are:
    - then tend to want to shift fwd on the seat when heavily laden (always secure, just more fwd)
    - a bit of a mission to get stuff out when on the road - clip clip clip, unroll, get out, roll up, clip clip clip, tighten.
    - with the 10L on top of the 20L it is very secure but I think I would prefer the setup pf the two 10Ls hanging off the side of the 20L. It would seem more...stable (even though I have complete confidence in them...it would just seem more mechanically effiecent to expect them to sit that way it guess?!)
    - When off the bike the strap for over the shoulders (single strap over one shoulder and across chest) is good, but not well padded. Hurts from the weight after a while on your shoulder. But another strap (with more padding?) would probably help a lot.

    Here is my first post on them. I will be putting up a review after I do my TAS and NSW tours (will be done by mid-Jan).

    BTW, the Aus distributor was very good to deal with and for me they arrived something stupidly quick like two or three days after I ordered them in the evening.

    Heres a pic of a Bright o/nighter.

  6. I think I have found my new bags... they look great, and from the last post, the sizing looks great. Still to be confirmed, bu I might go with the US20 with the two US10 bags on the sides. I think that would give me a fair bit of space for enough gear for a few days away.
  7. I also have a number of Kriega bags - US10, US20 and R25.

    Good points:
    - modular design let you attach them together (via clips) to expand capacity.
    - the US bag designs: simple and functional.
    - R25 bag holds securely to your body without bearing down on you or getting in the way during riding.

    Room for improvement:
    - my US bags do not stay put: just this morning, riding on the Monash I feel it sliding up and bumping against my back. I am not overfilling the bag. I think about using another strap or even a belt to hold down the bag.

    Overall, they are the best luggage solutions I've found for the 'bike.

    In hindsight, I could have saved all that $$$ spent on all my previous bags if I had known about this brand.

  8. Gato,

    What sort of bike are you running the bags on? I am looking at them for a GS500F and thought with the size of the seat, etc they should strap on pretty tightly and not move too much, at least, that is what I am hoping for.

    I think the US-20 with the two US-10's should be a good size for a few days worth of stuff for short tours, etc.
  9. BTW if it wasn't clear that's the sort of fwd movement I was experiencing through spirited twisties with both fully laden. It would push fwd on your back, but still be secure. That is obviously a sports-bike style pillion, but it might happen on most seats maybe? Dunno.
  10. That sounds ok then. I would think that 99.9% of the time that I have them on the bike I will be just cruising/touring, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  11. I like the look of them. i have an oxford tailpack but its not verry good. Im just looking for something sleek that will take my laptop and bag. I will need to do some measuring.

    this stuff isnt cheap, but i dont mind paying for quality after many problems with buying cheap sh1t and then having to spend more buying something again later
  12. That is exactly what I don't want to do. I would like to buy once, and buy right, then to have to spend money on crap and then get something else later on. I looked at some locakable boxes, etc and wow, the prices were huge. I certainly couldn't justify for the 2-3 times a year I would really want to use them.
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  14. I ride a Suzuki GSXR600. How well the bag stays put with the straps depends on the contents and the weight. If I only load in soft-type items like clothes - light and can be easily compressed - I'm sure the bag will sit tight no problem. But I carry my lunchbox, shoes etc. Approximately 5kg. The bag can slide around, like morbo said. Just this morning it bumped me again while on the Monash. I need another strap that goes north-south to stop the forward sliding.

  15. Do you secure it with the "top" strap to anything?
    I haven't had mine heavily loaded, so I can't say if it works, plus the speedie's only spot to secure it to is between the rider seat and pillion seat, so it would slide forward under heavy braking.
  16. I too have just purchased the US20/US10 & R25 for my husband. As stated above we hav the strap keepers on order & hopefully once the posites decide to let out our goods we'll get them!! After the inital set up (which is a tad painful) the bags themselves presented beautifully. Our config for touring is as follows now:

    '09 Street Triple R - Kriega US10 & US20 stacked one on the other
    '09 Speed Triple - Ventura Imola 22 litre (expanded) & R25 backpack

    Putting everything on hubby's short S3 seat just doesn't provide allot of room for movement, so once we re-thought this the new set up is perfect \\:D/

    During normal commuting he keeps either the US20 bag connected or carries the R25 backpack. I find my Ventura bag is good enuf for day to day commuting (generally un-expanded), altho i will need a rain cover in winter.

    I've tried panniers for my St3r & wow, what a waste of time! The Kriega gear is the best solution when u don't want to put any racks on ur bike imo.

    A potential solution for those worried about bags moving forward on the seat is to look @ getting a seat grip pad (looks like a net & slides on the pillion seat like a cover) I've no idea where one gets this from tho, so if anyone does pls add suggestion...
  17. Heres another option guys:


    Ventura Estoril (expandable). 15L

    I use this on my commute to work and it works perfectly.
    Stays put and doesn't slide around too much.

    Probably a bit small for touring. There are bigger sizes though.
  18. Thanks all for your feedback, Morbo28 I found your review really useful thanks to the pictures. I have just ordered the 20+10L for $209.00. There is currently free postage in Aus!!
  19. Ok, a few more comments now that i've travelled over 3000kms over 12 days with the US20&10 packs.

    - They do NOT move on the seat so long as they're strapped in & together tightly as well as positioned properly on your bike.
    - Unfortunately, I kept wishing they would sit across my seat rather than lengthways, but I eventually I did get used to having less seat travelling from point to point on our tour.
    - They fit a hell of allot & things that are very easy to find with the white liner
    - The arm strap is very useful when removing & carting these bags about. Suggest u keep them combined too as they're a pain to seperate & put back together (u don't need to when touring)
    - They are completely waterproof as I ended up testing this! Unlike the Ventura Imola which was a tad damp.

    Hope you enjoy them as much as I have, they're a gr8 solution :)
  20. That should read "In my experience they do not move on my seat...etc"

    I have done over 8000 kays with them and on my bike they do tend to move forward at times. Mostly under hard braking in the twisties. I will be adding another strap to the back to give more longitudinal support (they are only secured laterally as standard). As stated though, I do like them a lot.