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Kriega Luggage review

Discussion in 'Luggage' started by BitSar, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Hi NetRiders,

    Last week my new Kriega US-30 arrived and I must say, it's brilliant.

    Vendor site here

    I have owned Ventura rack+bag and also Chrome gear in the past and while, especially the Chrome gear, is well built - they don't even come close to the Kriega.

    All zip hardware is top quality as are the straps and clips.
    The non-slip matting works well and the attachment hooks are a breeze to use and definitely give you confidence that the pack is staying put.

    I haven't had to test it in rain/stormy weather yet but the manufacturers claim is 100% water proof.

    Greg at Kriega was a delight to deal with and the customer service was second to none - I wish more online and "brick and mortar" retailers exercised the same level of service and customer communication.

    I accidentally order the US-30 combo instead of the US-30 single pack - I contacted Greg and he sent a replacement no questions asked, he even refunded me the $10 difference in price.

    Delivery was overnight express post - I ordered @~4pm on Tuesday and the bag was delivered on Wednesday - can't beat that!

    Overall product and shopping experience was A1 - I would highly recommend Kriega gear to anyone.

    Cheers (y)
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  2. I love stories of great service, seems to be a dying thing! :( Is that a tail bag?
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  3. Indeed it is......attachment is a sinch. All that is left on the bike are 4 small loops of strapping which are exposed from beneath the seat as hook points - barely visible.

    I'll get some pics on the weekend of the eyelets/loops and the pack on the tail if you'd like
  4. That would be great as i dont have much of a tail (i work out! :p)
  5. ^ LMAO

    No prbs RE: photos.....I'll get some over the weekend and post in this thread.

    Cheers (y)
  6. Very interested in the pics of the mounting system.

    Ideally I don't want anything that remains on the bike when not in use.
  7. Pretty much all that is left on the bike are four loops from nylon straps which are secured to the sub-frame - they are all but invisible.

    I will get some photos for you guys ASAP and post here.

    Cheers (y)
  8. I have the US-20 and the US-10 which are both smaller than the US-30. Although when clipped together they have the same overall capacity. With these packs there is no modification or permanent mounting required. They have 2 straps which run underneath the seat and third strap can be placed around the pillion handle. When the bag is temporarily removed the straps can be clipped together using the (optional) connector straps.

    I also confirm BitSars comments regarding their customer service, it is exceptional and the products are very well made.
  9. +1 Ultram (y)

    Here's the pics as promised guys

    Mounting points


    Exposed loops/eyelets

    On bike


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  10. Nice bag. Oh and the bike is not too bad as well... ;)
  11. Hey BitStar, will you be heading to Saturday's Learners/Basic skills at BP car park tomorrow? If so could you bring it along please...wouldn't mind seeing the quality first hand :).

    I just had a look at their website and was interested in their backpack, spring/summer is approaching and in need of a backpack so I can fit my water bladder in...50km ride during hot hot weather, will be needing H20 on the go.
  12. ^ Hey mate - that shouldn't be a problem......I'll set a reminder so I don't forget (y)
  13. Thanks mate :)...if you can't or forget...all good.
  14. I will tack on my Kriega review here.



    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

  15. ^ Great review Stu.......gotta love the Kriega gear eh?

    NB** very jealous of your trip - was good seeing you this morning back safe and sound - now go and wash that striple! :D

    I'm going to leave that for when i get it serviced next week, poor chap who details the bikes will hate me !

  17. Thanks to the reviews on here I bought the US-20 tail pack and shelled out for the 'upgraded' hooks and straps (the ones that come standard on the US-30).

    I love the US-20 bag. Sits very securely on the seat and hardly encroaches into my arse area. Haven't had to test it in the rain yet, however.

    My biggest disappointment is the tie down hooks I paid $35 extra for. They were a pain to fit on my CB400 (not the fault of them, obviously). They seems to want to lever the rear body work away from the frame and seat when tensioned correctly. And the US-20 doesn't have anywhere to stow the hooks when the bag isn't on the bike. So unless you unclip all four bits and put them in the bag they will flap around and smack things as you walk.

    On the other hand, I've found the stock mounting system to be very easy to use and not limited in the ways I guessed it would be prior to buying the upgraded hooks.

    Very happy with my gear!
  18. Wow that looks quite big, seems to be bigger than in the website's pictures.
    I might have to get one, how quickly can you open/close the bag? Quickly enough for courier work?
  19. EDIT:

    I see what you mean , you have to unclip them , but you can stash them without opening the bag completely up.
    I would just push them into the mesh underside pocket.

    The US-20 has a top/side zip pocket just for stashing stuff like this, it's a seperate "pocket".

    see it in this pic ?
    just to the left of the bottom arrow, you can see the zip.


    You can also stash stuff inside the mesh pocket on the underside.
  20. Yeah, that's not good enough imo... Who wants to pull 4 clips off and stash them in a hurry trying to get into work of a morning? It takes forerver!

    I keep my phone, wallet and keys in the top zipper pocket and the shoulder strap in the mesh one (which I'm yet to use).

    I'm not bitter at Kriega or anything - don't get me wrong. It's clear that they know of these usage stashing issue because the US-30 (released a while after the US-20) bag has a retention thingy for the aluminium bits while the packs off the bike.

    I think it's just a case of trying to use a newer system with an older one :)