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Kriega backpacks

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by whatisk, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Does anyone know anywhere in Brisbane that stocks Kriega backpacks/rear packs?

    I'm looking at getting one, but am unsure what size to get. Looking at R20 or R25 at the moment. Main use will be for when I start riding to work on my bike. Carrying lunch, pair of shoes and perhaps a jumper/jacket.

    For those that have one, how are they if used as a 'regular' backpack? Are they slung over one shoulder easily enough? I'm looking at using it not only while riding, but also as a bit of a general purpose backpack if heading out for the day, etc. Even though I understand the rear packs come with a strap to make them a satchel, I think I would still prefer the backpack option.
    I've searched the forum and there didn't seem to be any feedback on how they are when not riding.

  2. I've got the R25 and the only downside of it is it isn't 100% waterproof like the R30.
    Fits ok over one shoulder but to be honest I wear it over both as its more comfortable and it fits a spare visor, rain pants, towel, gym gear and shoes with a bit of room left over.
  3. R25 is great, but I don't think you could use it as a normal backpack. If the harness isn't done up fully over you it slides around a lot and doesn't stay on the shoulder. Superb as a bike backpack, dont even feel it when its on, not the best normal backpack. Get the R25 for what you want, R20 might be a bit small.
  4. I e-mailed Kriega as well. They replied back saying that either would suit. Generally they would recommend the R25 for commuting, but if also using as a general backpack, then the R20 would be more suitable as it's better if you want to sling it over one shoulder and walk around.
    So, I could always get the R20 and a US10 that I could then attach to it for extra storage if ever required.
  5. Unless you are a child or a douche, why on earth would you want to buy a back pack and "sling it over one shoulder and walk around"?
  6. To carry things in........

    Cheers Spocky
  7. Much more polite answer than the one I would have given...
  8. Anyone got the US20 tail pack and what are your thoughts? I'm looking to get for a trip to the motogp this year
  9. Yes, I have the US20 and its great, all the Kriega gear is great, I also have the US5 and US10. The bags are well constructed and waterproof, they can be fitted and removed very easily. You dont need any special rack or permanent modification to the bike. The US10 and US20 bags can be clipped together to provide additional capacity, so it becomes a very versatile system. Highly recommended.
  10. I have the US10, rate it so highly I'm getting the US20 well.
  11. I have the R20 backpack which is sensational. I often forget I have it on. Good for a day bag for work - lunch, few clothes etc. Well-made bags and waterproof.
    Also have a tailpack which is fab too!
  12. I got a US20 and has been using it for ~6 months everyday in all kind of weather. It spend a lot of time in the sun and still look as good as new, no fading at all. Just remember that the outter pocket are only water resistant.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. As I mentioned, I'm looking at using for not only riding to work with lunch, shoes and a few other things, but also as a general backpack for other things such as if I go on a bushwalk or something.
    So you find the size is okay? Though I realise I could also get a US10 and attach to it for more storage.
  14. Been using a US30 tailpack for the last two winters and it has never let me down - bullet proof gear.....

    You can attach the strap which makes it an over-the-shoulder "messenger bag" type arrangement.....
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I have considered a tail pack as they have the strap to make them like a messenger bag. As I'm looking at using it for riding as well as general purpose, I figured a backpack would be better for taking it bushwalking, etc.
  16. I have the R25 backpack and it is plenty big enough for a full change of clothes, etc. It can also be cinched in if you don't have it full also; I highly recommend it. Super-comfy and spreads the weight very nicely across your chest rather than a normal backpack which eventually cuts into your shoulders. It will well and truly serve the purpose for bushwalking or cycling too.
  17. Thanks.

    I've pretty much decided on the R20. I just think it will serve me better for how I'm looking to use it. A little less conspicuous. I realise the R25 has more storage and isn't that different though, but from what I've read, with all the additional padding it can make your back quite warm after wearing it for a while. Probably more when walking, etc with it rather than riding. Kriega also made a similar comment in my communication with them. I may also get a US10 so that should I need some more space, I can attach that to it. Or use it as a small tail pack.
  18. Whatever option you go for you will be chuffed with imo. Their gear is very well made. Enjoy!
  19. I purchased the Kriega R20 on-line, should receive it in the next few days. I'm going to use it for work to carry lunch, shoes.
    They seem to be getting awesome reviews! and I really like the Quad lock system it has.
  20. Oooh......I like the look of these tail bags that clip together.