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Kreepy says No!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mcsenna, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Had to manually vacuum the pool today because of the crap from these things...."Dad pool is full of rubbish and I'm having friends over":spitoutdummy:


  2. Haha. Had a pool back in South Africa and promised myself NEVER again. Spent more time cleaning than swimming.
  3. True dat. Before migrating to Oz, the idea of a backyard pool was really attractive. Since actually being here I've realized that everyone I know who actually has one spends more time fcuking around with it than enjoying it so I decided I didn't want one any more quite early on.

    Anyway, when it's 40 degrees, we Sandgropers can go and enjoy the new Elizabeth Quay water park. Or maybe not.
  4. Truth be known I spend very little time on it, just this time of the year the palms drop these humungous nuts that the pool cleaner can't swallow. Yes I know there's a line there but please, no.
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  5. Too cold to have a pool where I am :coldfeet: We have 9 months of freezing weather and 3 months of cool weather.....
  6. I can sort out your issues folks, go buy a pool robot (mine is a Dolphin). I don't actually have a pool, just a body of water that magically attracts leaves, dirt, branches and assorted flying debris. This thing works like a Trojan, runs every day and the pool is in you beaut condition. Life used to suck beforehand. When this one dies I'll be getting another. Get a free demo and try it out....
  7. Calling bullshit on that one GeorgeOGeorgeO , what did the gardener do then?
  8. I have a better solution:

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  9. With a 2409 sqm property in Durbs he was continually mowing lawn and cutting back vegetation boet!

    Could not trust him to test pH levels etc. He would dump so much hth in it was bleach for a week!
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  10. Problem solved with a win win outcome :cool:

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  11. I've already got 2 of those at home and neither of them know what a vacuum is.
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  12. You'll need to send them to a training course then.
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  13. Ohhhh there you go I didn't even know my solution had a vacuum in her hands :p
  14. Wouldn't help, apparently if it isn't connected to the internet it can't possibly work.
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  15. I'm getting an idea for the next new gadget ;)
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  16. They already exist.
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  17. Palm trees are dumb. And I like trees.
  18. now there's a random thought for the day......
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  19. I service pools for a living and also work in a pool shop.

    Many people I speak to would like to fill theirs in, if they could.