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Kosciuszko Tour of the Damned

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by bonox, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. #1 bonox, Dec 13, 2006
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    Actually, this is a tour of the hydroelectric dams in the snowy river region of NSW and Victoria, Australia. As i've never done a video report before, I'd love some comments and suggestions.

    Two sources - youtube and a squashed original mpeg2 for download. The original is in widescreen, and youtube seems to have munted it. Doesn't look too bad though.


    If you'd like the original, i'll put it up on megaupload or somewhere, as i've no place to host.


    Edited - Max 3 pics per post - Flipper
  2. Sensational stuff Tim eusa_clap.

    Great video - very inspiring - now that's an Adventure

    I wondered how you'd go picking up the GS1200. Told you those panniers were more than just for carrying things :LOL:

    Great to see bikes being ridden, but in their own envirnoment just makes it all that much better

    Cheers Alex beerchug.
  3. G'Day Alex

    If you can keep the handlebars straight, it's relatively easy. It's when they twist on you (that last scene) that it gets very hard, very quickly. I didn't want to give up and start again that time, because i'd already busted the pannier, and taken the lid off it which makes it even more vulnerable.
  4. Nice one!!!

    Very jealous.

    I'm leaving for Melbourne from Sydney on Friday, but not too sure about going over the Snowys with bushfires...

    Any advice?


  5. at the moment? Don't do it!

    Visibility is low, other drivers don't seem to have a clue, air is breathable but can be a little overwhelming if the fires are really going (no idea what's happened in the last week though) and with the ash on the roads it can get a little slippery.
  6. You'll be right, just make sure you take a camera ;)
  7. Awesome video!

    It looks like you even landed on the moon in the end. :wink:
  8. Top vid. Makes me wish I was there too.
  9. Great Vid, good choice of music
  10. Bonox, great stuff mate... well done!!

    You post to ADVrider also don't you ?
  11. Just found this and in to this budding adventure rider one word cannot describe the enjoyment I got from watching that video.

    I could say awesome but want to use words like fantastic and inspiring as well, particularly when I am looking at doing trips like that on my WeeStrom.

    Seriously great watch and well done.

    Ok, now time for me to start planning.

  12. Is it small enough to email?
    Happy to host it @ https://netrider.net.au/?page=videos :)
  13. AWESOME!!!

    My brother and I did a simular trip in November but we had no river crossings as he was on his Fireblade and I was on a Hyosung GT650R.
    We will make it an anual trip and I just can not wait to get back out on the road. A day has not passed that I do not think of that trip. I will watch that vid to tide me over untill next november. That was the best bit of TV I have seen all year well the only bit actualy but still the best. Great stills,music and footage. AWSOME!! Thanks heaps for sharing it.

  14. Forgot to mention in my earlier post, a big yes please as I would love to get that downloaded and added to my collection.

    Thanks in advance.