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Korumburra to Mount Gambier

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Chlowen, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    Left Thursday arvo from Korumburra, caught the ferry from sorento to queenscliff, then followed the Great Ocean road all the way to Mount Gambier (plus some other roads) Got back today (Sunday) pretty knackered, my brother inlaw and I both ride sports bikes, bit of a sore back and all. Great ride though, highly recommend it.
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  3. 639 kms in 3 days. That's a nice easy run along some delicious roads. Did you take any pictures?
  4. 639 one way then he return trip so a total of 1278 kms on some very twisty road filled with tourists.
    Wish I did it :)
  5. Whoops....well, that makes it an even better ride, doesn't it? Hopefully I will be doing that bit (in reverse) in late July..
  6. It was a great ride, took some pics, post them soon. Sorry about the url, seems ok to me. Road was a bit boring from Warrnambool to Mt Gambier, the everything else was twisty, best part was overtaking the tourists(which I guess we were too)

    Absolutley hammered when we got home, I ride a gsxr-750, brother inlaw rides a tlr-1000, not the best riding positions for long k's, but break it up with frequent stops and all is good.

    We should have pre booked accomodation on the way back, left Mt Gambier Saturday mid morning, started looking for somewhere to stay in Lorne, but had to go onto Anglsea before we got anything, that was a long day of riding, got to Anglsea at about 7.30pm.

  7. In a tourist-intensive area like the GOR, pre-booking accom is probably a good idea. I use country hotels whenever I travel and have always been able to just rock up and get a room. Cheaper than motels, too. Yeah, touring on a sportsbike must be a challenge. I have 2 mates who came to the MotoGp with us in 2007 and did the trip from Wollongong and back on a Gixxer 1000 and a 1098. The guy on the 1098 had to be at work on the Monday morning after the race so he took off on Sunday afternoon and rode straight home in one go. About 1000 kms!
  8. You missed Port Macdonnell... you were so close!!!

    Its a little fishing town on the coast and has a good ride through the forests..

    We were there in May last year trying out all of our new gear before we made the big trip up to Darwin through the Red Centre




    the old goldwing that we had...