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Koolit Neck Band

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Kurtis_Strange, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. I bought the 'Koolit' neck band from Rebel Sport today and can definately recommend the product which is designed to aid in keeping you cool while riding.

    Its quite stiff when you first buy it and takes a good 10 mins to soften up in water as its saturates and expands, but once its done its quite pliable and feels a bit like wetsuit material.

    Wrapped it around my neck and rode off into the heat....the feeling I got from wearing it is like having a fan blow cool air down my back while my neck was kept nice and chilled. Its great. :)

    Product name: Koolit Neck Band
    Price: $15
    Sold at: Rebel Sport in the tennis section.
  2. Yep I have had one for years, but just found it again and just in time for tomorrows ride to remember. Along with the semi frozen Camel Bak.
  3. definately getting me one of them. might even pick one up tomorrow when i am out. Bloody heat is a killer, and doesnt look like letting up.. :evil:
  4. Yep use one myself, great on hot days especially if you soak it in really cold water. Found in extreme conditions (ie 40 degree days) it really only lasts for about an hour on the highway but that's usually enough for me anyway.
  5. found an alternative @ a market today (just when one needed it :shock: )
    called HEY COOL FAST COOLERS for $9.95
    its made of material, filled with crystals that expand when you place in cool water for 5 mins.
    Wore it most of the day (not riding mind you) was great :grin:
    Grabbed some details for anyone else interested.
  6. i wonder if there is a winter version you can stick in the microwave or something before you ride to keep you nice and toasty on cold winter mornings
  7. re my other post - says on the instructions you can do just that :grin:
  8. There is a product called Turtle Fur that keeps you very warm in Winter.
    Helps you retain your own heat.
  9. Sounds pretty nice. I might pick one up sometime.
  10. Will get one of those things tomorrow! I went on a long ride today, inlcuding the Black Spur and Reefton. Left at 6:30am, finished 2pm with 1.5 hr's breaks. Really hot, but my gosh what a difference it made to dowse oneself down at every stop - it made riding quite comfortable untill about midday onwards when the heat really kicked in. I found that soaking my myself *under* my riding gear, and then sealing everything up from the (hot) air, just as I would in the cold (even putting on my winter gloves!) worked a treat. But the hot air entering through the kneck was the major set-back.

    Ps on the Eastern Fwy on the way home, there were plenty of cars sitting on the side, presumably having over-heated. But one had heated just a little more - it had clearly burst into flames and was a burnt wreck!
  11. The one that is just before the exit onto Hoddle Street? That has been there since at least Saturday 2pm-ish...no idea how long prior to that however I don't recall seeing it Friday morning.
  12. http://www.heycool.com.au

  13. I saw it burning about lunchtime Friday. Nearly ran up the arse of a cage that pulled up quickly (almost) into the right hand emergency lane to take photos with his phone.