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Kony 2012

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Set, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. If you have not seen the video that's currently ripping through Facebook/Youtube do yourself a favor and check it out. I think stuff like this is awesome, through some clever thinking they are getting the entire world involved.

    Yeah it's a bit of a watch - 30 mins. But I think it's well worthwhile.

    This prick needs to be stopped.

  2. Agreed, it was well worth the watch. Certainly has gone viral since it went up three days ago.

    This should be interesting to watch over the next few days: http://www.google.com/trends/?q=kony
  3. Stop Kony.
  4. tl;dw, can someone give me the short version?
  5. Sure, this guy in Africa kills people.

    Nothing new.
  6. bloke kidnaps kids thru the nite forces them to use guns and shoot people even their parents, blokes got a 'kids army' girls are for raping, hmm bout it really, bloke's a prick, a yank found a 'runaway' hence the story, god bless america!!
    The concept of stopping the 'bloke' I fully agree, my son showed me the clip last night, the 'join and donate per month' [I smell something fishy] stands out!!
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kony
  8. Always good to see as many sides as possible. Saw the video yesterday and something didn't seem right. I have done some admittedly basic research and it is not the big scam I thought it was, but I am still not completely happy with what this organisation does.

    Invisible Children seems to openly state they focus their funds mainly on educating people in the West and only some of the money actually goes to helping people on the ground in Africa. These guys make films, spread information and try to convince policy makers. Purely for that reason alone everyone who spends $30 on the action kit could have probably done better by donating that $30 to an organisation that focus much more on delivering help on the ground in Africa.

    It's just my personal opinion but it would not surprise me at all if Invisible Children turned out to be some front/backed by powerful interests. I'm pretty conflicted about Kony2012. Kony is a bad guy, LRA is bad and horrible things have occured. I want it to be true, it's a great story about a guy making a promise and putting years of effort into achieveing it. It also highlights how social media has changed the world for good (instead of just Lady Gaga and Bieber BS). Let's say they get the political support and Kony is captured or killed before the end of this year, what then? What's their plan after that?
  9. This campaign is interesting to say the least, this has been going on for years and no one paid any attention to it beforehand, but all of a sudden the whole world wants to help, your money isn't going to anything that's going to stop this happening.
    Its simply going to the people who made the video, and it won't do a damn thing, re-posting a video, donating money.. isn't going to stop this guy.. and there is more people out their to replace him, and in other countries i am sure of it that do the same things.
    yes hes killing people, making children sex slaves etc.. but donating money to this thing to make him famous so he can be stopped and killed or captured isn't doing anything, its simply putting him in the headlines.. what are they going to do? Send troops in to kill him? then what? it'll still happen someone will replace him.

    its simply donating money to the filmmakers.

    the guy is a f uckwit yes.. but a video and worldwide attention isn't going to stop him, it amazes me that all of a sudden everyone cares, but no one cared before.
    its simply people just jumping on a bandwagon that will have no real effect or positive outcome to the situation.

    facebook can't stop him.

  10. Rather shortsighted comment?
    How many people ever heard of him before? How can you care for something if you know nothing about it? If it does have a positive outcome then it has achieved its purpose, having said that I aint donating squat.
  11. That's pretty much what i was trying to say.. is no one even knew about him before.. but all of a sudden a video pops up and everyones on the bandwagon, maybe it should have been brought to attention sooner.

    i don't know... all i'm saying is the money people are donating isn't going to anything about it... its just going to make more films, which isn't stopping anything.

    Its a crap situation.. but theres not much "Regular" people can do about it.. and donating money isn't going to do any good so why bother?
  12. It is an important point though. Before yesterday no one even knew about this organisation, and yet they spent $3-4 million of their $8.8 million expenditure in 2011 alone on "awareness". Compare that to the one 30 min film they put on youtube which has now spread all over the world overnight. So where has all the other money gone? That film did not cost millions to make, and now the message is everywhere, so how do they justify all the money spent leading up to it?
  13. very little money for the coverage they have achieved, quite incredible.

    but i don't know WTF they think could be done to stop the guy.
    no country is going in there to wage war.
    and the US would be the last country to do so.
    if he's been around so long, it's because nations with vested interests in the region are making a whole lot of money.
  14. ...they're not asking for Nations to rage war. They're asking for people to ask their nations to provide some resources so that the Ugandan Army can capture the globe's number one criminal.
  15. sounds simple enough. but it's not. military support from a foreign state.

    who's making money in there > probably China.
  16. It seems to be common knowledge that some parts of Africa are for lack of a better phrase, hell on earth.
    It's great that the middle class are being made aware of the real problems in the world but until a substantial deposit of oil are found there I remain skeptical that anything more than sending aid packages of a small amount of medicine and food will be done.
  17. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Kony#U.S._action_against_Kony
    I imagine this is the reaction of parts of the USA government at the moment...


    Edit: From the "Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act"

    So the USA already has people over there supporting the Uganda military... what is this charity trying to do again?