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konnichiwa from Tokyo

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by too-far, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. G`day,

    Just thought I would say hello and introduce myself.

    I am 30 years old and live in Tokyo for work at the moment. I am mostly an off road rider, but do a little on road riding. I have been riding most of my life. I have raced motocross, enduro and motard, not to any degree of success, but have enjoyed every minute of it. I have done the occasional track day on borrowed bikes at the island.

    Most of all, I am a trail rider, to me there is nothing better than hitting the bush with your mates. The tighter and the nastier the single track - the better the fun!

    anyway, g`day.

  2. Hello and welcome! Hope you find this site as interesting, informative and hilariously funny as I do..there are so many comedic folk in the forums. :LOL:
  3. i always wonder how internationals stumble across this site, im guessing its not because theyve been tagged :LOL:

    welcome aboard mate! :beer:
  4. I am an aussie mate, just living here to earn the big bucks. NOT!
  5. Just a question mate, how does one living in Tokyo City escape the hustle and bustle..I mean is it possible to wake early on a sunday morning, down a hot wake-up coffee as you anticipate the day of riding ahead... Roll the beast out from its sleeping place in the garage and excitedly head out of the city for hours of peaceful riding on quiet twisties in the mountains as all your stresses dissipate...

    Am i being realistic or just a tease here haha.

    Nonetheless.. Welcome to the nuthouse mate!
  6. Welcome to the nuthouse!


    Is stuff cheaper over there???? :cool:
  7. Stuff is a little cheaper over here, you can just check out the Japanese manufacturers web pages to see for yourself.

    Unfortunately, I can`t ride anything higher than a 400cc over here due to their crazy licensing systems. If I want to I have to do a fairly intensive course/test that is in 100% Japanese and quitre frankly my Japanese is shite!.

    Mate, I have done a little bit of riding, up to the Hakkone turn pyke etc etc and you just can`t escape the traffic in and around Tokyo. I am not sure how far out you have to go to get away from it but we did a 350 km round trip and were stuck in traffic most of the way! It`s a shocker.

  8. moshi moshi
    Hajimemashite, klairi desu.


    - thats all i know by the way... -