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Kohiresa (コーヒーレーサー)

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  1. I don't have permission to view :cry:
  2. Waiting for mods to (un)moderate I guess...
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  3. :facepalm: What have you broken now passion fingers
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  4. The photo's are clean man! The bike isn't dirty I swear!

    Hrm, dunno why it says error... I guess MouthMouth will check it out later.
  5. It is showing as removed from public view in the Mod logs. Leave it with me I will check when I get home tonight, At the moment I should be working. ;)
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  6. Ahhh, I wonder if it's the Kanji in the title Chris? Can remove that out if it's causing the issue.
  7. Maybe, there is a site restriction on foreign languages unless there is an English translation. I will know more tonight when I get a chance to look in detail.
  8. Ok, thanks Chris :)
  9. Ok, I have marked it visible. Looks like it doubled up for some reason and confusion resulted. You are a troublemaker Sim ;)
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  10. Thanks Chris! I wonder what I did? maybe I double clicked the submit button... wouldn't be the first time I double clicked too fast hehehe ;)
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  11. What's the box attached to the right hand side of the frame.
  12. They hold the fuses and various electrical bit and pieces.
  13. Nice new machine by the way. Hope you get some good weather to exercise the demons. :)
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  14. Love it 69SIM69SIM ~san

    When you getting a pipe?
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  15. That standard can looks gorgeous though.
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  16. 69SIM69SIM - what does the fancy title mean?
  17. Lol you're confusing me man, I thought this was a noob NR and was going to tell him "hey you've got the same bike as Simon" ....
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  18. If they offer a full system all black then I'll be tempted :)

    It's Japanese.... for "Coffee Racer" hahahahhaa :)
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  19. Hey is your coffee shop on Northen beaches?