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Kogan's Full HD Cam

Discussion in 'Electronics' at netrider.net.au started by taymaishu, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. Interesting, was looking for a Contour recently and found Kogan's new HD camera.


    Looks quite interesting.

    - 1080p
    - Colour display
    - Helmet, handlebar, suction and tripod mount included (not sure about that helmet mount, though?)
    - 12MP

    At $119/$139 Could be an option.

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  2. I was looking at a bullet pro 2 on ebay for $124.
    I have a Gopro already but want something small & cheaper to helmet mount.
    This looks ok but as not released hmmmm
  3. It does look pretty good, I wonder about battery life though with the included 1.5" LCD screen. If there is an option to turn it off that would be good.

    Might grab one myself, although have to wait for a month until shipped out and then some till arrival.
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  5. No sticky mounts?
  6. Hopefully it says that price. I will be waiting for vids on YouTube to see what the quality is like. Let us know when you get it.
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  9. Has anyone bought this? Pros/Cons?
  10. I read the specifications on Kogans website, and the battery run time is quoted as being 2.5 hours. I am also keen to see a sample video or two from this unit. According to the website, it has a remote control too.
  11. Just to awaken an old thread, I got one of these for Christmas.

    Looks pretty nifty, but looks can be deceiving.

    I charged it up overnight, slotted a class 4 32 gig microSD card into it and then fired it up.

    As soon as I tried to take a video it shut itself off. I fired it up again, same thing. Took a photo. It stayed running for a minute, perhaps before shutting off.

    On the screen when I turn it on the battery symbol is red, then changes to green and indicates a quarter to half charge.

    I tried the spare battery in it. It too was charged for a few hours. Same thing.

    If I leave the USB cable plugged in and connected to the charger the unit works fine.

    So, there's either a problem with the batteries or there is something amiss with the camera itself. In any case back to Kogan it goes.
  12. ^^ may be crook battery or it may be something to do with the class 4 micro sd card - I've got a jaycar cam and that specifies class 10 micro sd card .
  13. If you're looking for a good cam for cheap, check out the Replay XD720 and XD1080.
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  14. I ended up buying a Drift HD Ghost from Camzilla.

    Great unit. The quality is quite good and the attachable mic is also pretty tops. On that note I also purchased a Sena SMH10R and have been astounded with how easy it is. May have to do a review of that, too.

    Shame to hear about the issues with the Kogan cam :(
  15. My Gopro had a similar issue at first. I left it a few days then just straight charged it for 24hrs then it was fine
    thanks Naked6 for the suggestion on the replay ill look into it :)
  16. Getting back on topic (discussing the Kogan product) in reference to GoldNine's comment about the SD card, the manual says that MicroSD cards of Class 4 and above are compatible with it. And it's got a C4 one.

    Someone on Whirlpool described the exact same problem. However, that person hasn't been on that forum in a while so I don't know if I'll get a reply. If it's a dud battery then both of them are doing it and doing it in the same manner.
  17. Fair enough . Was just a thought .
  18. Well, any thought's a good thought. I'll try another SD card, just in case. However, it's looking like it'll be a return. And if the replacement does the same then it'll be a refund.
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