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Kogan are doing the GoPro HD Hero2 for $289

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MV, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Have had notthing but good experiences with Kogan. Fast and cheap. I get all of my camera gear from them, including lenses.
  2. There's an add to my left for the same thing for $399, save $100, BTW :)
  3. Same, I've got 2 of their TV & a GPS, it fine gear for the money.
  4. Just don't buy a Kogan telly POS!
  5. Uh huh.
  6. Admittedly i've not been game enough to touch their TVs. I always stick with Sony or Samsung for TVs as they produce most of the components.
  7. Point being?
  8. Lost, obviously.
  9. I've got 2 Kogan TVs, first one the DVD shit itself and they fixed it under warranty, 2nd one now 2 years old no problem, Is this Go Pro package the same as the motorsport one in terms of equipment?
  10. Obviuosly not a very good one then...
  11. Not exactly...
  12. Thnks, different accessories, same price by the looks in the US.
  13. Still overpriced :/
  14. Thanks for the heads up, in Bali ATM and also brought one duty free on the way out and was just thinking about buying it again on my return.

    Saved $80, now I can have more Bintang's and massages!!!
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  15. Haha, nice one, I could go a Bintang right about now...
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  16. Catch of the day were doing these last week for $299 and about $6 delivery....bought my second unit from there in fact! ;)
  17. $24 postage.

    C'mon Kogan...
  18. Can you buy the accessories separately? And which ones do most people use?

    This is about $100 off local prices I gather?