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Knucklehead of the month

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by chillibutton, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. What a tool...

    Great idea to carry your helmet in your hand just to look good - not...
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  2. Meh, a lot of us have done similar, but I'm struggling to figure out what he actually did to stack it.
  3. #3 chillibutton, Aug 10, 2015
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    Hopefully not shirtless.

    Yeah, you may have hopped on a bike for a quick spin with no helmet at some point, or ridden with just a t-shirt - I sure as hell have. But I've never deliberately taken off my helmet and shirt/jacket just to look cool and impress the chicks/guys. Then again, I don't have that torso either.... :D

    And re the stack - he had revved it up, sped up a bit and it looks to me like he must've grabbed too much front brake and slid out. Maybe its hard to brake properly with helmet in left hand?
  4. Hey at least he had a Bandana on..
  5. Loved the cheer from the crowd when he put the piss pot on his head.

    Reckon the 300 section rear tyre messed with the handling somewhat and gripped quicker than idiot was expecting causing him to panic/drop the bike.
  6. I wonder if he had some of those raked tripple trees. It didn't look too raked, but there's some pretty stupid stuff going on in the US custom scene.
  7. Lol, what a complete fcukwit
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  8. Yeah, but I've binned it showing off to my mates.
  9. You're not a large, muscular, sun-burned German biker wearing leather pants are you?
  10. Only when my boyfriend wants me to be.
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  11. Geez, if I had a body like that I'd NEVER wear a shirt...not even to work!!

    How embarrassing!! Reckon he still pulled a root though!

    Love the wringing the rings out of it on the rev limiter at the end just to show that he don't care!!
  12. He may well have pulled a root, but only from another section of the ride lol. For his sake I hope he did, he sure wouldn't be wanking for a bit after trying to stop his slide with his hand!
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  13. At least he decided to put the helmet on, after...
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  14. Still better then this guy.

  15. roids must of kicked in
  16. What makes him even more of a tool is that he could have taken out multiple people (and bikes) with that stunt.
  17. All hormones and no brains lol.

    About the R6 crash - I'm surprised he even made it around the first bend to be honest.
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  18. I was going to say at least he had a helmet to go along with his T-shirt and runners, but it looks like it wasn't even done up.
  19. Look that guy was just incompetent, not showing off - probably rode a scooter for a while and thought "no big step up required". I mean look at how long it took him to get over stalling.
    Probably had no idea how to take that bend at any sort of speed and panicked, stood the bike up and off he goes.
    On the other hand, this was filmed in the country by the look of it, maybe he just was a farm boy trying a new ploughing technique :)
  20. I thought this tread was going to be about Harleys, Harley made a knuckle head didn't they?