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Knox riding gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by PilgriM, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. I have been looking at getting some more protective gear, such as a back/spine protector, I have taken a liking to Knox equipment, the variety, quality & reviews all seem good..

    What I can't find is somewhere in Australia (near Melbourne really) that stocks Knox gear, the kind of stuff I am looking at needs to be tried to establish fit & comfort.

    So does anyone know of a shop near or in Melbourne that stocks Knox armour???
  2. Have you tried Knox City?
  3. Hahah nice... I deserved that.
  4. If you hurry you can pick up the knox contour back protector for 150 usd from sportbiketrackgear, i think they are normally like 200 usd.

    I just got mine, have not yet ridden in it due to the rain, but it fits me very well and is very comfortable, not to mention very very protective feeling.

    Highly reccomend you check it out.

    edit: nobody in AU stocks Knox products
  5. bikemart might have some or can order it in. I recall talking to them about it a year or so back.
    (ended up getting some german gear when I was in europe)
  6. Pretty sure I've seen the Knox stuff in Bikemart recently as twistngo said above.

  7. Thanks all, I will go have a look in Bikemart, lucky for me its within walking distance :p
  8. ebay or buy from knox direct or SBTG.
    no-one stocks it here that i know of, but if they did they'd rip you off.
    last knox item i bought was back protector to fit in an older leather jacket. 20 bucks for a level 2ce protector , can't beat that.
    for sizing on everything knox just go to their site. UK or US site. if you buy from the US site it will be brokered through SBTG.