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Knox Handroid Gloves

Discussion in 'Gloves' started by Voz, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Just got these in from an eBay seller in Germany. Cost was about US$219 with DHL shipping, took a week from order to delivery.

    I would normally take a Large size but a few posters on OS forums I looked at stated that Large was a bit small. After buying a pair of AlpineStars GP2 gloves in Large recently and finding them too tight on my left hand I decided to order these gloves in XL.

    Good decision, they just fit on my left, a little tighter than I would like but I presume they may stretch and are snug on my right hand although still a little tight. They do not feel like typical winter gloves that are usually quite thick and comfy, more like a thicker summer glove.

    I have not ridden with them yet but here are some impressions:

    - Very easy to put on as they are fairly stiff, your hands just slide right in
    - They are comfortable inside, feels like a silky gel inside
    - My fingers fit down to the tips but my thumbs miss the end by about 1 cm, damn.
    - There is one velcro strap at the wrist, frankly it is a little short and often comes out of it's buckle.
    - The movement and flexibility with the glove on is excellent and not overly restrictive
    - The BOA dial system is simple and effective to use
    - I love the sliders on the palm, if I ever go down I expect to slide on my hands and not grip the road and tumble.
    - The overall protection is incredible, I started hitting a brick wall to feel how well I was protected and before long I was punching the wall, perfect protection.
    - I bought white with black highlights and a yellow palm, in retrospect I would have preferred all back, meh.
    - Not sure of their waterproof characteristics, I expect they are not waterproof.
    - I love that you can get your ands in and out easily, the inner coating/fabric/whatever inside the glove does not bunch up when you extract your hand making it impossible to get into again, like traditional winter gloves.

    6/9/12 UPDATE

    Due to being stuck on a mission critical project working 16 hours days I have been too exhausted to get out and ride the bike for the last week but decided on a run today and test out these new gloves. I went out for a 40 min ride and here are my impressions:

    - Whilst feeling a little tight, once I was riding I did not notice the tightness so much
    - They naturally like to be kept straight and not wrapped around the grip, you have to consiously grip the grips
    - My thumbs are too short by about 1 cm, fingers are perfect, I normally ride with my thumb resting on the horn button but it does not feel natural or right in these gloves so I have stopped this
    - I also like to have 2 fingers covering the rear brake, again because of the stiffness this did not feel as natural as with a typical soft glove, the fingers on the brake are ok but I have to consciously bend the fingers to grab the grip

    Overall, I was pretty happy with the gloves despite the slightly restricted movement and am confident that these will be my main glove from this time on.

    17/9/12 UPDATE

    Have worn these for about 500klm now and they are pretty good, they are stretching just a little and I find them comfortable to wear, still not happy with the long thumbs though but maybe I have short thumbs? I have not tried them out in the wet yet but I do expect that they will get soaking wet. Will update after a wet ride!

    Here's a few pics:

    Attached Files:

  2. 18/2/12 UPDATE

    The gloves are holding up really well, the fit remains constant from the first day to the present.

    I use them daily during the business week and on weekend rides.

    Been great gloves so far, no quality issues, no splits, tears or anything really negative to say about them thus far.

    The perfect glove has still not been invented yet, sadly, these gloves just don't clean themselves... :shock:
  3. Great write up thanks Voz, after a defect pair of Alpinestars (yes Alpinestars!) I have ordered a pair of Knox Winter Gloves (Zero 2 ) and if they perform well probably the Handroid come summertime, thanks for the review.