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knox handroid gloves (white/black)

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by TheForgotten, Aug 22, 2010.

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  1. Ok, before I start, the only reason I’m selling these is because I bought them one size too small – they’re medium, I need large. I thought they would be ok and stretch out but they haven’t. I’ve bought some cortech gloves to get me through til I can afford another pair of handroids.
    I’ve had these a few months, but I’ve only had a bike for a few weeks, so they are used but not much.
    They have never been in an accident
    There is light scuffing on the wrist plate of both gloves, from being put in my bag while at work, and both gloves have very minor scratching on the palm sliders (the writing has been ground down slightly) and they have evidently been used on black grips, the brown finger/palm leather is blackening.
    Finger armour, backhand plates and boa lacing are unmarked

    Not real sure on a fair price. I paid 250US plus freight, worked out to be 320AU
    I think 220 is a fair price dive but i’m negotiable for serious buyers
    Will post aus wide (registered) for free

    can't get great pics coz my camera sucks, but anyways...
  2. Look like good gloves but a few of questions.
    1. How does size compare with say Dainese or Alpinestars? Is medium still medium?
    2. How much ventilation? Are these summer only or still ok in cooler weather?
    3. How heavy and comfy?

    Cheers, N_O
  3. can only compare to my current cortech, but cortech and knox size charts are same

    i've only worn them in winter, can't comment on how warm they are for long rides, being too small they cut off blood flow to my fingers on longer rides (make you feel colder than you are), but that aside i can definitely see potential given the correct size

    heavy? only slightly heavier than my cortech adrenaline, honestly there isn't much difference between them.
    comfort for me was screwed up because they're too small, but like i said, given the correct size they'd be great. i WILL be getting another pair in my size when i can afford them
  4. did the store you buy them from give you a return option?
  5. never bothered to ask. like i said, i'd had them a few months before i wore them on a bike, figured by then any return option time period would be long gone
  6. ahh. I need to learn how to read.
  7. i've got a pair of the handroids. and they're surprisingly comfortable and easy to move in. They feel like they are grabbing onto your arm. you don't feel like they're going to come off at all. really easy and quick to put on/take off and no messing around with velcro... so pick this one up quick =P

    Knox will send you a size chart if you email them.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.