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Knox Handroid Gloves (M)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by dima, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. Only worn twice. Selling to buy another pair one size bigger.
    $190 (retailed for ~$250 online + postage + waiting).
    You are welcome to come and try them on.

    "The level of protection never previously offered" (Brian, STG)

    PM me or sms 0449029220.

  2. You posted this in product reviews, moved it to classifieds :)

  3. Ooops. Sorry for that and thanks.
  4. Still available.
  5. hand roids..... sounds like something you get from over enthusiastic ummm "self appreciation".

  6. LOL
    When I think handroid I hear "I'll be back!" :)
  7. Bumping up. Still available.
  8. Available

  9. Colour ?

  10. Black/White, exactly as on the review video.
  11. hmm tempted, if you still have them next sat practice i will try em on ...
  12. Not sure if I'll be at the Sat practice.
    In any case you are welcome to come over to Mulgrave some time in the evening and try them on.
  13. Still available. Medium size black/white. Sizing is somewhat similar to Alpinestars.
    So if you wear XL or XXL in A* then it this pair will be too small.

    Could be good for A* Large or smaller.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.