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Knox Handroid Exoskeleton gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by LineNoise, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Just curious whether anyone's seen a pair of these in the flesh.


    The gadget loving geek/engineer in me is kind of curious to grab a pair...more to see how they work then to actually ride with them :LOL:
  2. Wow, Im definitely interested. I cant afford to wreck my hands so $250 is still cheap.
  3. I really like the twist laced wrists like on a pair of snowboarding boots.

    I've rather girly little wrists and a lot of the time what fits my fingers balloons badly at the wrist or is left hanging on by a whisp of velcro rather than the full pad.

    Knox kindly sent me the sizing chart for their gloves and let me know that direct orders will be available starting mid April. Seriously tempted.
  4. ive only heard 2nd hand reports. but apparently they are the ducks nuts.
  5. Yeah, I've spoken to a few people online who have raved about them. You know what...sod it. Next pay cheque allocated me thinks. I'll do a full write up when I've had a chance to ride with them.

    There's some vids and comments on the Knox gloves over at Hell for Leather.
  6. I just bought some about 5 mins ago... possibly overkill seeing i'm a rookie, but without my hands i'm officially screwed so $300AU shipped is worth it to me
  7. not overkill if they one day prevent you snapping your wrists... 300 bucks would'nt seem like a lot of money then.

    looking forward to your product review
  8. The winter ones are priced quiet nice actually compared to a* & dainese.
  9. Are these sold in any store in Australia?
    I'd like to try them on.
    I currently have a pair of Beriks which fit perfectly. Fingers aren't too long or short. My upgrade to their top end glove made of Kangaroo hide... or might try out these knox. A* tend to fit strangely on my hand. Dainese fit really well, but for the price there are better gloves out there.
  10. I wish I'd had these a few years ago when I landed awkwardly dislocated and broke bones and consequently caused major tendon damage to my left hand that took months to heal.

    I'll have to check these out.
  11. I got off the phone with a local motorcycle store and they were pretty certain that nobody in Australia imports that stuff.

    Buying off the net seems to be the only option.
  12. As soon as I see the ad featuring a top level MotoGP or WSB racer that uses them to protect the team's huge investment... I'm buying them.
  13. Are you being sarcastic???
  14. Dont the MotoGP guys have all custom stuff made for them anyways? The kinds of stuff us mere mortals can only afford with a large team of sponsors backing us?
  15. No I'm not. If the technology works it will be adopted by racers. The number of hand injuries in top level racing would justify them trying anything that helps reduce the attrition rate.

    If it doesn't work they won't use it. And I won't buy it.
  16. If Casey Stoner jumped off a cliff...
  17. haha I can't believe you buy into that crap. They get paid heaps to wear sidi dainese alpinestar etc... when it is somewhat obvious that Held/Daytona gear is better...

    You also think that Rossi wears what you can buy on the street?!???? ahaha
  18. Oh, so no technology that was developed for racing has ever filtered down onto the street?

    They get paid a bit to wear this a or that brand. The gear manufacturer also has to build the gear to their requirements, because it costs the teams millions to compete, and that's all wasted when the rider is out injured.

    OK, we'll never get exactly the same hand-made item that the champs get. But a simplified mass-production version will follow if there is demand.

    Helmets, back protectors, kevlar, sliders...

    If racing didn't have an influence we'd all be riding around in leather caps and sheepskin bomber jackets. :roll:

    (vladpp, did I miss something? Did Ducati ask Stoner to jump?)
  19. if you can affoard a new roo-skin diasissy suit, you can affoard another bike.

    love the gloves. dont know how good they would be for weight/movement... but i cant help wonder if i would have a broken hand right now if i was wearing them instead of my sp1's