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Knox hand armour gloves

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by davidb, May 7, 2011.

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  1. Hi,
    I am selling these Knox Handroid gloves. They are brand new; I've never worn them on my bike. They are too big for my Goldilocks hands. Size 11 X/large. They are the top line glove from Knox and are suitable for track use or Reeftons use when maximum protection is required. The exoskeleton makes you feel like Arnie, when he stretched his wrist wires in T2. OK, maybe not. They have enough features to fill a book (see below).
    Check out the Knox website http://www.knox-lab.com/hand-armour
    SBTG in the US sell them for $270, and they love them, especially Mr No neck. I love them too, but if you love something, set it free. Unfortunately, they are not free, but for this decade only, to Netriders, you can have them for $220 + postage. If you happen to live next door to me, postage will be quite cheap. If you live at Jim Jim falls, Kakadu, a helicopter drop could be pricier. They come with stickers (why, I have no idea), rego card (to register them on the Knox site) and a handbook (1st service is free).
    If Handroids are not to your liking, say Hasta la vista Arnie, and hello Biomech, cos I have a pair of these too. The Knox Biomechs have many of the same features as the Handroids, except without the exoskeleton. They are red/white size 10/large, never worn or used on a bike. See above website.
    SBTG will sell em to you for $225, but I say NO! They get cheap petrol, but that's it. I'll take a hit (memo: read size chart in future), and sell them to you for $175 + postage. If you think that's too much, well buy them from SBTG! I may just keep them and try them on every few weeks in the hope my hands have grown. I'll grow old and be a gear whore....
    Now, stop reading and start making up your mind. Have a think about it, sleep on it, consult the missus (or hubbie if you are a miss), but don't delay cos this deal runs out Dec 31 2019.
    Feel free to post for further info. Cheers,


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