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Known police traps on the Hume hwy seymour

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by still_riding, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Hi All
    Not sure if this belongs here, but I'm sure it will get moved to it's correct spot if it doesn't.

    I'm in the middle of having a 'discussion' with the police with regards a speed infringement I allegedly committed on the Hume Hwy near Seymour a couple of years ago.
    The basic problem is, he claims I was speeding and I know I wasn't blah blah blah. One of the problems I have is he wasn't were he claimed he was.

    As I travel the Hume at least once a week (it's sad I know) I'm quite au fait with the police hang outs along the road.
    But what I wanted to confirm with you guys was had I missed one.
    I'll list the ones I know north bound and then south bound, and can you please add any I missed.

    I'll just work from the Mobil servo up to the Caltex at Avenel and back.
    • In the median strip above the southern most seymour exit, doing north bound traffic
    • Used to be able to hide under 'Northwood' rd again for north bound, but the wire lines are there now so they can't get in
    • Just north of the Goulburn River, in the median strip, with their nice bit of tarmac, north bound
    • Any random location in the bends just north of the northern seymour exit, either direction
    • In the bends on the East side on top of the hill, nto seeable from the road till after you have passed them, South bound

    That's all to the best of my knowledge.
    Anyone have anything else
  2. Issues of this sort should be posted in Politics etc

  3. Can't the police hide ANYWHERE? :-s

    Also, have you already paid the fine?
  4. If you're hoping to beat this in the two grounds you've mentioned, I would say you've got buckley's and none. His word on your speed will always prevail over YOUR word about your speed, and as Spruce noted above, they can set up a speed trap anywhere; the fact that he got you in a spot where you weren't expecting him is utterly irrelevant.

    Incidentally, you haven't mentioned by how much you were exceeding the limit....
  5. Unless it was a different speed zone? Case of mistaken identity? Some form of lapsed time measuring?

    Yes, it sounds a bit desperate, but OP says he didn't do it - we cannot judge.
  6. A couple of years ago????????
  7. Another one is reversed up the hill just "south" of the northbound rest area watching the south bound lanes.

    Real obvious for those heading north but no hope of seeing them up there for those heading south.

    A UHF CB on Ch 40 does wonders as an early warning system so long as there are trucks around discussing where they're hiding.
  8. still_riding said that she did not exceed the speed limit
  9. In that case there should be no issue, should there?

    The obvious tenor of the original post is that knowledge of the expected locations of speed-traps means that it is 'safe' to speed elsewhere, and that complaint is that she got caught speeding somewhere she didn't expect to get caught

    that is all
  10. You're saying he wasn't where he said he was because to your knowledge, they don't usually hang out there? You'll have to do better than that.
  11. Am I reading this correctly that you only now recieved an infringement, where the alleged offence took place several years ago?
  12. It's quite simple. When I go past the known police traps I guarantee I am doing 5km under the speed limit, I don't over take cars which might take be above the speed limit to do it safely.
    I also had a major mechanical fault in my gearbox, and I had bought another gearbox to replace this.
    I was simply asking netriders for any other evidence, because in victoria I need to prove I'm innocent rather than they prove guilt.

    So back to my original question, thanks @pvda, that was the last one on my list but you explained it better, it's very devious.

    So I need to dot the i's and cross my t's, I want no surprises in court.

    Where are the police's favourite points around seymour.