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Knowing when you're ready to go for your P's?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Canberrastar, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. I've been riding on my L's for around four months now, and I'm starting to wonder when the right time to go for my P's might be? I've got around 1200km on the bike, and I've tried to mix things up as much as I can to get experience: hills, freeways, city, country, raffic, etc. Plus the inevitable hard braking and low speed manoeuvring work.

    In in the ACT, and Stay Upright used to run a practice course so you could get some supervised time before the big test. But now they don't seem to be scheduling it, so I'm sort of having to guess whether I've developed enough.

    So yeah, how did you guys work out when you were ready to take the test day?

  2. Practice, practice and then some more practice.

    I borrowed some witches hats from my soccer club and laid out the test course in an empty car park. When I was confident I booked in for my P's. (note when I did mine if you were over 30 and had a 'gold' drivers licence you didn't need to wait 3 months and went from L's to full riders licence, I was on my L's for less than 3 months).
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  3. I haven't done mine yet but will be going for it within the next 5-6 months.
    If it helps, watch some videos of the actual test so you know what to expect. I'm going to do mine with Armstrong's here in Melbourne (same place where I got my Ls). Here's a link to a video of what to expect in the licence test:

  4. LayzieLayzie . OP is in Canberra, Your video wont help him much.

    FWIW, I went in Melbourne after 3 months on L's. However, Id covered over 3k in that time, riding everywhere I could to gain experience. But i believe its probably much easier in Vic right now.
  5. Just before my bladder bursts.... though I have been told that is not good for you! ;-)

    Welcome CanberrastarCanberrastar.

    Watch a video of the MOST test on youtube.

    Here is another good explanation of the required parts.

    RTA Motorcycle Operator Skills Test (MOST) | WheelSkills

    Grab some cones, or coke bottles or whatever and set up something similar - the measurements are all available online, and practice for a bit - you will know when you are ready.

    On the day you get a pretty thorough run through and practice at each of the elements anyway, BUT it can't hurt to practice a bit!
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  6. ^^ This.

    Get the course outline off the website, grab some masking tape and some witches' hats (or some old drink cans) and head to a deserted carpark. Practice each of the manoeuvres. You spend most of the test day practising them anyway, but it's much less stressful if you're mostly competent before you even get to that point.
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  7. The right time is when you've practised a lot and decide it's time. Some of the testing is stupid, you might therefore never feel good about it.
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  8. Yep practice until you don't wobble around like an old drunk on roller skates...go find netball courts or somewhere flat and practice slow riding and the other components until you stop looking down at your hands or when you start to find you are turning your head in the direction that you WANT the bike to go :)
    Don't rush to get your Ps concentrate on improving your riding skills first.
    Good luck!
  9. not sure if im allowed to post another forums link, but there is a canberra group that run practice sessions under supervision so they can give you feedback. PM me for details
  10. Simple question. If you do it today do you think you will pass?

    If the answer is no you are not ready.

    If the answer is yes, then you are ready to try.
  11. This question would be so much better in Yoda speak

    Simple question. If pass, you do it today do you think you will, hmm?

    Ready if the answer is no you are not.

    Yes, if the answer is, then ready to try, you are.
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  12. When you think you're ready to go for the P's test is that feeling you get when you feel you're ready. Once that feeling strikes, you'll know what to do then.
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  13. Thanks for the advice all. I'm feeling the riding and the skills are coming along pretty well, but I guess I'm finding it hard to self assess. I'm not sure whether I'd pass easily, or fail miserably.

    But thanks for the help.
  14. If you can ride blind, as in not look down at the controls / speedo etc at a slow pace (20 kms), then you're ready for the test.
    If you keep looking at the levers and speedo etc then you may need more time.

    Keep your eyes focused ahead and not at your front tire. Trust in yourself and you'll do fine.

    Ride the bike, don't let the bike ride you..

  15. Even if you pass miserably. It's still a pass :)
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  16. Yep by the skin of scrot that was my margin...:) but a pass is a pass is a pass!
    Be wary of the hire bikes...the brakes were crappy on mine and another guy's hire bikes so we lost points for the emergency stops...HEADCHECK HEADCHECK HEADCHECK...I was too busy looking at the tester dude and forgot, so lost more points...then clipped the last witch's hat...it teetered then toppled...skin of scrot...:D
    I wouldn't have lost any points on the whinja, of course...
  17. Bingo. I already fluffed the 'stop in the box' test so I would've failed the course if my instructor hadn't given me the benefit of the doubt on the tight 90deg turn that I'm pretty sure I messed up.

    But hey, like I always said at uni: P's get degrees. Or in this case, provisional licenses.
  18. Dayum didn't know the MOST test was full on compared to the licence test in VIC
  19. So yeah, ended up doing my MOST yesterday, less than four months after getting my bike. Passed pretty easily in the end. I don't think I got any points, so all the practice paid off. Thanks for your advice guys!

    A couple of minor observations:

    The practice session was harder than the actual test. They used a slightly different variation on the course (same elements, different layout and order) so they could have 3 or 4 riders doing segments at the same time, which had a slightly wide 135ยบ turn to set up for the U-turn.

    People had more trouble with the cone weave than any other component. A mix of smooth and passable-but-ugly styles.

    It's really hard to judge an adequate speed on the emergency stop and swerve test. One or two of the guys yesterday had to take a second attempt (which they passed, thankfully).

    Anyway, glad it's all over!
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  20. good job canberrastar! its a real relief isnt it :)