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Know your and your bikes limits

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Fa1c0n, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. I watched a learner almost get smooshed between two cars this morning because he was trying to split between two cars and his bike wasn't powerful enough to overtake them.
    They accelerated and he was stuck in a dangerous situation...

    There are a lot of bad guys out there and they are all trying to kill you. If you have to sit behind a car in traffic on your 250cc it is better than dieing.

    If you are interested in the full story you can read it here:
  2. Out of interest how do you find your limits?
  3. That is a good question and it is hard to answer.

    You need to sense or feel your limits, but the problem with that is you can always over estimate your limits.
    You cannot simply measure and calculate what your limits are.
    This can be daunting for new riders.

    It seems a lot of new riders see the guys on big sports and bike riding hard through traffic and want to do the same... I suppose what I am trying to say is - just because I can or the guy next to me can, doesn't mean that you can too.

    Experience is gained over a long period of time and it is important for learners to remember that they are not the worlds best rider in the first year of riding.

    Also b12mick, I notice you ride a 1200 bandit, so I assume you are trying to rustle my jimmies by asking a rather difficult question. :)
  4. It is also a good idea to use others experiences as a guide... For example this situation.
    If this guys learner sports bike couldn't do it there is a good chance your learner sports bike cant do it either.
  5. Sort of. More just trying to get you to think about how hard it is to actually know your limits and the limits of your bike.

    Personally, I haven't found the limits of my bike and I'm never likely too. I have, however exceeded my limitations on more than one occasion, one of them could have been very expensive had I not had full comprehensive insurance.
    Experience and training are the keys.

    Mmmm, I don't know about that. There's a lot of variables. For example a mate of mine weighs around 120kg, his GPX250 is a whole lot slower with him on it than it was when my 80kg son rode it.

  6. No Doubt!
  7. I weigh in at a hefty 62kg.

    Makes my 250 feel like a weapon.

    Which, really, any vehicle is.
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  8. I vaguely remember being 62kg. That would have been roughly 26 years and 79kg ago.
  9. Jesus b12mick - you are a hefty guy! Surprised you aren't on a Road King or something similar.
  10. Sorry typo - not 79kg ago but 43kg ago. I don't even know where I got 79 from. Some random figure.

    fcuk, I'm having a bad day. I just told some poor bastard at work his access has been revoked. He started crying thinking he'd been sacked, then I realised I was looking at the wrong name......
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  11. Did you dry his tears and give him a cuddle?
  12. No, should I have.
  13. Did you warn him he's getting close to finding his limit anyway??
  14. You know the limits of your bike or yourself over time, especially if you do track days and have ridden different bikes. I have only ridden for 6 years and raced for 3, but the 2 different riding styles have helped me distinguish my limits from the limits of my bike. For instance, applying the "racing style" riding on my VFR400 onto my commuting, saw different results. In my case, my 250 Across cannot do anything better than the race bike, so I now ride the Across to its limit rather than mine. However give me a race prepped 600/1000 which is better than my 400 and I'll lack the skills to ride it to 100%.

    Ride a few bikes in a lifetime in different environments and you will be able to distinguish your limit from the bikes.
  15. Ummm, dunno, probably not. Maybe. Look at the bunny over there ->
  16. I think he had found and passed his limit......
  17. Look I'm a caring, sharing kind of guy......

    Bullshit, who am I kidding?

  18. Aww, mate we all know you're just a big pile of cuddles really :)
  19. hehehe, that's funny. Back in the day when I was a CPL instructor I used to make it my duty to make at least one of my trainees cry.

    Yes I was an arsehole, no I didn't care.

  20. What do you mean "was"?