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Know of any web sites for '1%er/Outlaw' clubs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Interesting in knowing of any links to 1%er/outlaw MC clubs websites if anyone knows of them (Australian clubs)

  2. Have you tried google?
    Ozbiker may be helpful.
  3. please excuse my ignorance but what/who are the 1% i keep hearing about???
  4. Its an historical reference to the proportion of non-AMA motorcyclists in USA. 8)
  5. If you do want to read about them, go to


    has a fairly interesting read.

    If you want to join them, I doubt you'll be able to join online :)

    (I'm still laughing over that post in aus.moto where the person decided to start up their own 1% club, wear a 3 piece patch, and expected to be left alone)
  6. oh, and to the original question...


    top bunch of peoples, my old man still hangs around with them (yeah, and they even tolerate his jap bike :LOL: )
  7. ok - i know I'm a newb but this confuses me.
    I know what an outlaw bike club is.
    But what the heck is a 1%er??
  8. :WStupid:
  9. 1%er is apparently a term coined during the 1950s in America that rates the club as giving a bad name for the other 99% of riders.

    It was mentioned in an article that was posted earlier on this thread if you cared to read it.
  10. A One Percenter or 1%'er is a full member (known as "fully-patched") of an outlaw motorcycle club.

    The term comes from a famous statement made by the American Motorcylist Association (around the 1940's I think) that 99% of motorcyclists and clubs are law-abiding citizens and only 1% are not.

    Those who claim to be 1%'ers are proud to be a part of that group. The one percenter term and accompying patch are worn as a badge of honor by so-called outlaw bikers, and is also meant to instill respect and fear from regular motorcyclists.

    Members of motorcycle gangs such as Hells Angels and the Bandidos have members that wear the rhombus-shaped patch with "1%" or "1%'er" inside, usually in their gang's colors, on their vests or motorcycle leathers.

    Taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_percenter
  11. Information about origins of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs.
    Many (but not all) modern motorcycle gangs can trace their founding members back to the early years following World War Two. Ex-servicemen who found the return to civilian life rather more boring than engaging in active combat situations saw motorcycles as a way to enjoy themselves. Many were ex-bomber and fighter pilots who saw two wheeled machines as a land bound extension of flying.
    Some of the first clubs (which later turned into what most would refer to as gangs) were The Galloping Goose's, The Boozefighters, The Gypsy Jokers, The Hell's Angels. It had nothing to do with thumbing their noses at a country that shunned them, ex-servicemen and women in America who had served in World War Two were worshipped back home. (Vietnam was a different era and another story) The veterans chose bikes as their form of transport and enjoyment because they were loud, fast and powerful. And dangerous.
    It's generally considered that either the Goose's or the Boozefighters were the first club. The Gypsy Jokers, The Hell's Angels, The Black Sheep and the Flying Tigers were all the original names of the bomber and fighter squadrons that the servicemen came from.
    The term One Percenter originated at the town of Hollister, a small drunken brawl by some M/C members was blown out of all proportion.
    The AMA came out with a statement to the press that the violence at Hollister was caused by only a few members of motorcycle clubs who made up only one percent of the entire motorcycling population.
    Hence the term one percenter was born.
    Sonny Barger of the Hell's Angels claims that when he heard the announcement of that on the radio, he and Chocolate George Wilson, immediately went to a tattooist in Oakland, California, and had the now famous 1% badge tattooed on their arms. Outlaw bikers all across the USA took the 1% logo to heart and many wear it today.
    An interesting side note to this is that for the first time in many years Hollister is offically closed to the annual rally. Rumour has it that bikers are still intending to converge on the town regardless.
    Please forgive me if I sound like an authority on Outlaw M/C's and their origins, it goes with the territory. I write stories and articles for Bikernet.com, one of the more popular Custom Harley/Chopper Webzines on the Net. Keith "Bandit" Ball is the owner/editor. He was the former editor of Easyriders magazine for many years.
    You can find articles and stories about the original outlaw motorcycle clubs on his site, complete with many rare black and white photos of the members and their bikes.
  12. From my Hell's Angels book by Hunter S. Thompson.

    --We're the one percenters, man - the one percent that don't fit and don't care. So don't talk to me about your doctor bills and your traffic warrants - I mean you get your woman and your bike and your banjo and I mean you're on your way. We've punched our way out of a hundred rumbles, stayed alive with our boots and our fists. We're royalty among motorcycle outlaws, baby. - A Hell's Angel speaking for the permanent record.--

    --They're not bad guys, individually. I tell you one thing: I'd rather have a bunch of Hell's Angels on my hands than these civil rights demonstrators. When it comes to making trouble for us, the demonstrators are much worse. - Jailer, San Francisco City Prison.--
  13. if you are interested in learning more about the 1%er's, there is a very comprehensive book about the clubs, their origins, the rules, entry, membership etc. etc. called "The Brotherhoods - Inside the Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs". It was written by Arthur Veno who was born in the USA and was present (by coincidence rather than design) at a few of the early incidents that saw the bikie gang become demonised in the public eye.

    The author subsequently moved to Australia and has researched extensively the motorcycle clubs including partying with them, riding with them and interviewing them.

    Worth reading if you can find a copy.
  14. There was a good story on Sunday this morning...I was changing channels and it was on....
    About the motorcycle gangs in general and how the South Australian government is trying to fcuk up there life style...It was good because it wasnt really biased, if anything it was in favor of the biekrs.
    Clubs they had on were I think bit on the gypsy jokers, the finks?, hells angels, etc.
    They had the SA premier on. he was acting like a fcuking wanker, attempting to scare the SA public, etc, calling all bikers pond scum..huge genrelisations every time he opened his mouth.
    Then some high up police man came on, saying that all bikies are criminals, but he doesnt have any firm information, but he's 'led to believe that even wat they even have to do for there initiations makes them criminals...but he wasnt too sure what they had to do tho :jerk:
    Those kind of comments I could easily see this end up relating back to sports bikes, all bikes, etc..a bikes a bike to some people :evil:
  15. I grew up around a lot of guys with hotted up cars and bikes ( most of the bikes were Harley's and Triumphs ) some of these guy's were full on bikers , loved partying and having a good time , fair enough they were rough guy's but if you ever needed someone to give you a hand or something happened they'd be there for you everytime .
    They are some of the most loyal guy's I have ever known . One of them ( who is now in his 40's ) still calls my father ( who's in his 70's ) Mr ( insert last name ) out of respect .
  16. Saw this and agree with what you say... Very much focussed on the Finks. It was nearly 30mins segment on them and was very interesting. It was borderline harrassment by the police as it seemed this is the police's only way to deter membership.