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Know anything about the triumph TT600?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by travdor, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade to a 600/750, and was thinking about getting a TT600. They seem fairly cheap, there's a few around that have hardly been ridden, and they're not very common at all. The only issue i'm finding, apart from a general lack of information, is the fuel ignition mapping gets a bad rap sometimes, but even that depends on which magazine article you read. Sometimes they're blasted, the whole article is about how horrible it is an how jerky the throttle is, and other times it's barely mentioned and the bike is put up on a pedestal as a shining example of magnificence.

    Anyway, i want to hear from people that have them/have ridden them/have some actual experince with them, about how bad the ignition mapping really is (if at all), and anything else that i might want to know about them.

    If anyone feels like chipping in about what they think i might want, feel free. I'm open to suggestions, but preferrably ones with a fairly upright seating position, i'm coming off a GPX.
  2. Use the search function and you'll find several threads answering your question, but briefly;
    - generally a good bike, but the fuel mapping as originally released left a LOT to be desired. This was generally addressed with subsequent maps uploaded to the bikes' systems (more than one upgrade has been released). It's not a big job for a dealer to do, and improves things a lot. Even with this, however, the power will still be down about 10% on most of the contemporary Jap competition.
    - not everyone likes the styling, but that's personal taste.
    - handling and brakes are excellent.
    - The naked version, the Speed 4, has excellent fuel injection, and if you like that kind of thing, is possibly a better ride. It's certainly more upright. Rare, tho'.
  3. thanks for that... i kinda forgot about the whole 'search' thing...
  4. Yes i have a TT600 the 2000 model
    its been a great bike for me got it about 19 months ago

    it had done 68000 klms when i got it now 90000 klms

    yes there is a problem with low revs
    under 7000 rpm not much happens but when you get there it goes well

    i have had it mapped but for speed and still has standard pipe

    it handles well and stops well too
    and i can make it move when i have too!
  5. If it is trouble with your Triumphs engine mapping that you want sorted you should check these guys out..


    I bought one for my 675 and I think it was worth it just for the diagnostic and test abilities alone.