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Know any good rides Geelong besides Great Ocean Road

Discussion in 'VIC' started by HB, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Moved down to Geelong a few months ago, and was wondering what other rides there are besides Great Ocean Road.

    Want to explore the area rather than just do the tourist trips.

    Although got learners 2 years ago and full licence 12 months ago, dont commute on bike, so dont have a lot of kms under my belt, so need some gentle rides with great scenery.

    Also any meet ups closer than Williamstown Monday night?
  2. The Otways are great and easily, but not necessarily, combined with the GOR.
  3. I did the GOR a few weeks ago , road surface is shit , unmarked gravel all over the road after poor road works not sign posted , not good for a newbie or any one else as much of it was on corner entry. The road from Apllo Bay to Port Campbeel was better but bumpy and slippery . Have fun,
  4. Try north to Anakie, Ballan, Blackwood. Or west to Winchelsea, up to Inverleigh, coffee at Meredith and back via Anakie :D
  5. Thanks, sounds like a couple of good trips
  6. When I finally decide on my new bike I'll hit you up with a PM and show you some good roads :) There are a few good ones around than just the GOR
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  7. Let me know as well please, I might be able to get a pass out..
  8. Look forward to it, so as long as you are not trying to set any land speed records, I'm only on 250 virago.
  9. Lol. Nah. I've lost far too many points to be doing that stuff lol. I'll be on a litre bike though, so I might just wait for ya at the intersections :)
  10. Yeah, post it here when you decide to go, I'm only 15 min away!
  11. Me to please. Be good to learn some roads this side of town.
  12. Great, at this rate, there will be a nice little group to meet up.
  13. why did you move to geelong?are you over 85?
  14. Now, be nice. It's great down here. A traffic jam is when there a more than 3 cars at the lights.

    You don't get the usual "metro apologises for the inconvenience" when the trains are late. So far I've been delayed by a possum electrocuting itself and causing signal failures, the train I was on hit a cow, the met train in front of us ran over a shopping trolley, and it wasn't my train, but last week a train ran out of diesel and had to be towed by another train. They're a lot more inventive with there excuses.

    Even had one conductor announce one morning that there were ticket inspectors at the Collins Street exit of Southern Cross station so have your tickets ready, but if you are exiting via the Bourke Street end, then you can walk right through. That's what I call informative!!

    I actually moved done for my daughter to go to Deakin Uni, but looking like I will stay.
  15. born and bred there i go back for birthdays ect dont think i could stomache it for more than a day or 2 even at 85
  16. Ok I'll make sure I post up something when I get the new beast. Went to see the accountant last week and I'm very happy. Hopefully doing some test rides this weekend.

    I'd realistically expect this ride to be the first weekend in September if I have a new bike by then, otherwise unforunately it will be October as I'm totally booked out in September!!! I'll keep you all posted :)
  17. Skeens Creek ;) But I hope ya had your weetbix if you try that at pace.
  18. I'll prob go for a test run on mondayfor a ride out west. Probably not as far as GOR, but starting in Werribee.
  19. FYI the traffic lights have gone on the GOR & the landslips have been fixed. Road surface is still iffy in a few places - it really needs a resurface.

  20. After doing the GAR then seeing the road condition of the GOR it really does need a new surface coat which if they do probably will mean traffic lights will come back and not to mention delays which I believe will cripple the tourism too much that they are holding back.