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knocking / tapping noise

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by WiErD, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. well it looks asthough ive done something bad to the gixer.

    rode to work friday morning was all fine,

    when i got back from apollo bay and started up the gixer (after sitting in the shed all day ) it developed a knocking / tapping kind of noise.

    not so noticable at idle rpm, but its very loud and noticable at anything above idle and increases with engine speed

    it has a noticble drop in power also so i just limped it home as best i could.

    any ideas what this could be?

  2. not good.. could you be more specific about how it sounds?
  3. Yeah, thought mine was the same, or piston slap....

    Thank god it was only a loose plug... check the temps of your exhaust and might be a bad/missing plug, which would be co-inciding with the loss of power.
  4. its not missing or anything like that so i dont think it is a plug.

    ive had a listen with a stethascope type device and its def the top of the engine on the right hand side

    can anyone comment on wither it could be the cam chain or even the cam chain tensioner (cct)?

    the actual noise its making sounds like a little elf is inside my engine with a pick axe trying to escape

    the more your rev the harder and faster he hits (although ive only reved to 3K)
  5. Cam chain noise usually subsides as the revs rise.
    Sticking valves increase in noise.
    It may just need a valve adjustment.
    how many kms has your bike done?
  6. definately valve train area .... little elves only live in that area of the engine its too greasy for them to be any lower .... are they solid lifters or hydraulic in GSXRs ??
  7. Put some Peter's Ice Cream in the tank; it's the elf food of a nation :LOL:
  8. well i removed the cct and it is a manual type and looks fine.

    chain doesnt seem too bad.

    anyone got any howto's on fixing stuck valves?
  9. oh yeah around 57 Thou Mark on the odo
  10. Trust me GSXR's dont run a maual type cam chain adjuster. If there one in there your bike has been messed with in a big way !!!!
  11. OK, now sit back and learn.

    The Hampsters need to be fed from time to time. If you dont feed them, they start banging their steel mugs against the cages.....
  12. If your valves are getting sticky, (which to me it sounds like) Do an oil change, but before you remove the oil, put in some oil/engine cleaner, can't remember the stuff I used. Run it for 5-10 km's, it should "thin the oil'and remove any gunk stuck in the engine. Then do an oil change as normal.

    You may also need a valve clearance adjustment.
  13. Have you actually checked whether it's a loose plug?

    I took my bike to the shop to have the cct checked, only to find it was a loose plug - and the bike wasn't missing or misbehaving (just rattling).
  14. Manual, or ratchet?

    If all you've done is remove the cct, I find it a bit hard to see how you could've got a good enough look at the camchain to ascertain that

    For starters, pop the cam cover off and check the valve clearances, then take it from there.

    WT-WX GSX-R's are seen as having some problems with the valve buckets. You could have had one break and you've now got a cam lobe smacking down directly on the valve retainer, creating the noise you're hearing.
  15. i took the whole intake carb side of the engine off

    the crank cover

    and zip tied the cam chain to the gears

    then removed the cct

    mesured the clearance of the valves (all within spec)

    all valves are moving on a rotation the way they are supposed too :)

    as for the manual type, im only guessing its whats its called

    the cct has an end rubber cap on it with a spring inside to adjust the lenth of the rod on the cct. you can actually unscrew the end cap and expose the whole spring assembly and probably loose the spring in the process

    so you need to wind it back then screw it into place and release the spring so it tensions the cam chain.

    anyhow im still thinking about what else it could be.

    i should get to put it back together around 5 ish and ill see if the plug scenario is the one.
  16. The odd GSXR around that era also had problems with spinning the crank bearings. Bit of a job to check them but. Can you get the sump off with the engine still in the frame?
  17. well its def not the plugs as i took them out with the rocker cover etc when checking the cam chain and tensioner.

    if it is a bearing how would one go about checking this?
  18. Drop the sump, try to move the rods up & down to see if there is any excessive clearance on the crank throws. These are the most likely to spin. Best to drop the crank to check the mains. Could unbolt the caps & inspect shells to see if they've spun I guess. Little end bearings will tend to start making a light rattling sound as you roll off the throttle from higher revs so unlikely to be the problem.
  19. Ummm, bikes don't work like that. The main bearing journals are integrated into the crankcase halves. To get a look at them, in the immortal words of Fred Gassit, "We're gonna hafta split the cases". Before that can happen, the motor has to come out, the cylinder head and block have to come off... it's pretty much a complete engine disassembly.