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Knocked over my bike and drove off

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ozgeek, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Not happy Jan
    I parked my bike in the staff car park at Visy Recycling office in Tullamarine this morning. Checked on it at noon - all ok. At 5pm a nice lady comes up and asks if I owned the red bike coz it's laying on its side. I say yes I do and thank you for telling me. I go down to the car park and there is the zx laying on the right side against the curb. :-((((((
    The right faring is broken where it joins the lower,right foot peg is now 2/3 it's ordinal size and my Ackra exhaust is scratched to shite ( 3 weeks old! )

    The most annoying fact is they drove off and didn't leave any details.
    People suck
  2. Bastards.
  3. Troy in garden dve tulla 0417563600 if you want a good repairer
    no cams at work?
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  4. Not sure how many people are in the office, or if who gets to park there eg. only office workers. or people who work outside who don't get staff Emails but personally I would be sending around a mass Email to everything something along the lines of 'Thanks to the person who hit my motorcycle in the car park yesterday, I'm now out of pocket $1200 (or whatever + a little bit of inflation), have a good day.", hopefully they feel guilty enough to leave the money in a blank envelope on the desk while you're having lunch.
  5. If it was a visitor its going to be a problem, but put a letter of demand to Visy asking them to find the responsible party or to be the faulty party for your insurance.

    If they have visitors then they will have sign in sheets, otherwise it must have been staff and again they should find who did it.
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  6. Sadly the company is not liable for damage in their car park and may well even have signs up to this effect?

    Even if they have CCTV they could be breaching stupid bloody privacy provisions by telling you who did it !

    As far as someone leaving the money….. dream on, mate, dream on. Anyone who would not leave details, will certainly not leave money !
  7. I have complete sympathy with you mate! Same thing happened outside my work to my bike and left me with a seriously bent handlebar and a dent and scratch on my otherwise perfectly kept VTR. Amazingly of the 100 or so security cameras at my work turns out my bike was a "blind spot" and so i will never know who did it. Some people are just Dicks!!
  8. Thanks for the comments.
    I sent and email to the GM and the head of finance. I do work for both of them so they know who I am (so it isn't out of the blue) explained what happened and if there are any security cameras in the building. Haven't heard anything back. I'm getting the assessment done on Monday. Life goes on.
    I still say people suck.
  9. Same thing happened to my Spada when I had it for only a week, woman reversed into it and then drove off. Thing is that it all happened in about 2 minutes while I was buying flowers.

    Note to self: Dont buy flowers.
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  10. Makes a point for dedicated bike parking areas with big rails along the sides (at least). You often see racks for bicycles but no dedicated bike parking.
  11. That sucks!
  12. Mate, sorry to hear. Tere's nothing worse than when something of yours gets hurt or broken through no fault of your own. Arseholes. Spose that's where I'm lucky at work. There's only 4 of us who work there, and they just park in the car spaces out the front with the customers. Not for me. I park the F in the front of the shop, right out the door on a convenient little bit of walkway of concrete that leads to nowhere, so no one has any reason to go near it, it's out of the way for customers, and i can see it from my desk. And so can everyone else as they walk in and out of the shop! Really, I'm doing the company a service by parking my ride out there so that all people who drive past can admire and see it :D
  13. Reward of $400 for whoever finds the culprit......................Tell the security people that it was a hit and run and will be involving the police because of the repair costs.
  14. If it is on their property the have a duty of care to ensure the safety of people and property.
  15. ...next time park the bike in your office cubicle or in the hall way. Would be more impressive if you have an elevator. If people ask. Tell them to stop hitting and running and assume EVERYONE did it...they probably hate you for it, but they probably won't knock over the bike (so one would hope).
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  16. Yep, seen this before & will see it again. Just have to say " Well thats a biatch and move on" best of luck with the insurance.
  17. That's a bummer mate. hasn't happened to my bikes but certainly to the car. Lucky enough to park the gixxer in the hangar where I work.
  18. Unfortunately, no they dont. The only requirement for security looking after a carpark, is that they themselves dont damage anything in it in the course of their duties. Cars in public or private carparks are parked entirely at their own risk. They DO have a duty of care to the owners of the vehicles PURELY because theyre liable for breech of duty of care if some ****ing idiot decides to damage something and does themselves over (even if the idiot is illegally in the area)
    To this day i ask quite often why Securepark are never sued for false advertising as their guards are only there for infringement enforcement and will not under any circumstances get involved in damaged/broken into cars.
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  19. Spot On!!!
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  20. Or the MCG "Securepark" where they take your $5, point you to a carpark, then once its full **** off entirely....