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Knocked a cyclist off..

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Messy, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. Well, some might like this given the love of lycra shown here :p.

    I knocked a cyclist off his perch today.

    As far as i can figure out, he decided that the STOP sign on the road that he was supposed to obey wasnt for him, and cut across the footpath and onto the pedestrian crossing - im assuming this because no self respecting skin tight lycra wearing cyclist would ride on the footpath.................... correct me if im wrong.

    In any case, and unfortunately for the both of us, he came flying out past the corner of a building (on the near corner), and i hardly had the chance to notice him, much less react and perhaps avoid him (unlikely in the circumstances).
    I ever so slightly bumped him - which is to say i wiped out his rear wheel with my front wheel... - as he flew across the road.

    He was knocked off and ended up in the gutter. I ended up 25m or so further on pulling up to a pained but steady and safe stop. Then, with no small difficulty, i walked down to him and helped him up.

    He suffered a grazed elbow and palm, a grazed knee and apparently a sore ass - i saw the rest and didnt want to see his ass :D. He will need a new rear wheel as it was all bent up, and funnily/fortunately enough, his pink lycra saved him from worse injuries.
    As for me well... my balls STILL hurt as they were merged with the fuel tank when i braked hard - albeit too late to have any effect on the outcome aside from adding my sore balls to it.

    End result... nothing really. We shook hands after he conceded his stupidity at attempting to cross the road without looking when he is supposed to stop and give way, and went away carrying his bike back up the hill (i guess he lived up there), and i got back on my bike after massaging my balls to get feeling back - all the while people looking at me like i was a disgusting freak... they are right :p, and then i set off!

    Lesson learnt:
    Stay in bed. Get bullbar for motorbike. Get tank padding. Failing all that, get a sex change - pretty sure that after the merging with the tank i was half way there today.

    late edit: apologies... it was a 50kph road, i was doing ~40ish given the traffic... he was doing easily the same down that steep hill...
  2. Haha nice work,
    hope the balls are all good...
  3. Never be seen rubbing your self when there are men in Lycra around!

  4. Jolly good, but u didn't mention how YOUR bike was.
    any scr4athes or bent mirrors or such?
    Good to hear no one was actually badly injured.
  5. Funniest description off an "accident" i've heard in a while....
    Good Stuff
  6. Glad that no one required any further treatment!!... er.. apart from the massage 8-[
  7. My bike is fine, just a little scuff on the tyre..

    Yeah i rode home trying to take my mind off things by thinking about how i could write this one up for yas :cheeky:.
    I feel much better this morning :D.

    Now to weld a big plow to the front of my bike.
  8. This is the sort of shit that annoys me. Gay men are known for wearing LEATHER. What do YOU put on before you ride the bike??????

    Lycra and it's equivalents are associated with some pretty full on sports, but you'd never think any of them gay... and I have to wonder, what's a hetero guy thinking about gay issues for when they see a male cyclist in lycra?? Whose the one more likely to be gay? Someone wearing something appropriate for their chosen activity or the one thinking gay thoughts? :? :-k

    The cyclist received their just rewards for being a douche bag on the road. It happens to motorcyclists and car drivers all the farking time.

    I'm glad you didn't come off and you weren't hurt. You're lucky you can cast derision at the cyclists misfortune of scrapes and bruises. Had the cyclist slammed his head on the corner of the gutter and died, you'd have to go all the way through to a court hearing to get a not guilty to a dangerous or culpable driving charge.
  9. Calm down, it's just a tongue in cheek comment, being a bit precious aren't we?

    Never thought (or said) of anyone wearing Lycra to be gay, although, I do think rubbing your balls around men in lycra is probably not a good look.


    FWIW, the only leather gear I own goes on my hands and feet, or do you mean when I ride my pushie? In which case lycra under some normal shorts.
  10. You made a tongue in cheek comment that implied what exactly?
  11. That was in the 70's doode - get with it Bro - Lycra is the new leather for gay men :)
  12. Because this has gone far enough off topic and there are already enough stupid little "arguments" going on in public view I'll fire ya a PM.

    OP - Glad to hear the motorbike is okay by the way!
  13. LOL and you know because...
  14. Hey i love lycra! Just not on men :p.
    Yeah i know im being rather derisive about it rob, but this is a post i have made after the accident. Had he indeed cracked his skull open and died i wouldnt be here making a light of it and elated that neither of us were hurt worse, id probably be feeling very very ill and reliving the moment over and over in my head.

    Fact is, he is not really worse for wear as fortunately the cross was relatively slow speed so he will be back on his bike as soon as he gets his wheel replaced. Me well, i wont be having any children anytime soon, and am otherwise just peachy.
  15. How about: Squeeze your knees on the tank and stop this from happening during hard braking...??

    Rob, get over it.
  16. +1

  17. Hmmm..
    I read Robs post as a tong in cheek reply…
    The again I have a fairly dry sense of humour.
  18. Brownyy, Eggzaccerrry.

    Hey Mr Messy, fair enough. Glad you're right to ride another day. :)
  19. 1 / 0 ??