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Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by aaahhh, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Two women were knitting babies clothes, one said "I hope mines a boy, I'm using blue wool", the other said "I hope mines a spastic, I've fucked the arms up"

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  2. 35 views and not one comment

    i bet everyone laughed though
  3. do you think i laughed mick?

  4. well by my pos i would have to say 'yes' as i stated it in relation to a wager...as in ' I bet '

    but in all reality i think this is a joke that will make you laugh or completely offend you. not much middle ground

    so in answer to your question i will say.... no you didn't laugh.
  5. you just lost your bet remmember always back yourself mick
  6. well a buck each way nearly saw me through.

    the thing is i should never start a comment with " I Bet " cos if there is one thing i don't do and that's gamble!!

    anyway on with the frivolities
  7. i bet that if you bet that i'd bed that you'd bet that i'd bet that you'd bet that i'd bet, i bet you'd bet that i'd bet that you'd bet.
  8. well well well
  9. if a man laughs and no one is around to hear it
    does a tree still fall on the forest?
    or does it make the sound of one hand clapping?
  10. I believe the answer to that relates to a pope and a bear
  11. i took offence, because my dog is a spastic
    wish he was normal like the other dogs, but he's a retard.
  12. That is OK you dog probably feels the same way about you.
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  13. 3 holes in the ground
  14. Are the Kennedy's gun shy?

    I laughed the first time i heard it..