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Knight Rider 2008

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Bluesuede, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Anybody seen this? Just aired in the US last month.

    I just watched it, and as a fan of the original series, found it pretty enjoyable. Even has a cameo from the Hoff.

    And the car is wicked - no longer a Pontiac TransAm, but a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR. A totally new KITT, voiced this time by Val Kilmer.


    Official site is here

    It's a telemovie, but its suspected of course that a series will follow before long (and the ending definitely anticipates one). Not exactly highbrow stuff, but less cheesy than the original series :grin:

  2. I just want to know why KITT has more little winglets than any self-respecting JGTC car? :)
  3. That is a seriosly FUGLY Car
  4. Yeah, I have the pilot/first episode !

    It is a little gay !

    A big Ford Motor Company advertising program !
    All the vehicles used are Fords. . . like the baddies chase KITT in Ford Expeditions and Explorers.
    Even the back ground cars are Ford, or either a Volvo or Jaguar - both owned by the Ford Motor Co.

    Has totally unbelieveable crap it in like KITT has a nano-technology construction, able to morph to other Mustangs and even absorb/deflect bullets. And some super-boost mode which allows KITT to do 400km/h or something stupid like that on normal roads. The engine technology thing is also crap ! . . does 0.005L per 100km or something like that beause KITTs outer skin is a solar panel . . . . blah, blah, blah !!

    David Hasslehoff makes an appearance at the end of the episode ! - that was kinda cool because it explains how the new series is linked to the original.

    Bring back Airwolf !
  5. LOL next you'll be telling me the original series was believable? The technology was even more far fetched in that :grin:

    As I said, not exactly highbrow entertainment, but was kind of enjoyable in that guilty sort of "I know its crap but I like it anyway" sort of way :LOL:
  6. Bring back Street Hawk!
  7. yeah, in those terms . . . maybe !

    Just like the movie Bring It On !
  8. Gee he's come up in the world.
  9. Hey, now you guys have another reason to get together friday nights!
  10. You mean you're willing to part with it for a night? Geez, how generous of you! Don't worry, we'll return it wrapped in its cover of tinfoil that you keep it in. :roll:
  12. Geez... don't waste any time do you Pro-Pilot.

    The poor bastard only just died... :roll:
  13. I got to sit in and chat with the original KITT car in Universal Studios. It was cool. :) Whereas this car I wouldn't go near with a 10 foot pole :shock: