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Knife Hunting?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Fa1c0n, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Was browsing the internet for sharp steel things and i came across a "hunting axe". Im not shure they intended you to hunt animals with it, just to take it with you when you hunt...


    It got me thinking that id like to go knife/axe hunting. Ive always been interested in hunting, but guns seem kinda.... OP lol!

    In the olden days they hunted with knives and axes, so i figure its possible, but does anyone do it for sport these days?

    Are there clubs for it?

    PS: Im not a looney or a murderer loL!
  2. Customs say that axes are legal to import except for those designed to be thrown so unless someone makes them locally or you can craft your own I suspect your fubared.
  3. I can throw a mean blade and have several sets from large to tiny - have never managed to master the smallest set with the adjustable weight...
    Bought all mine from Mick Smith's gun shop at the top of George St, now closed :( They also had throwing axes...
    More recently bought a couple of Sjamboks from the Lakemba gun shop - they're a whole 'nother kind of fun, much more up close and personal!
    If you're hunting with knives you're surely in for disappointment; it's not like the movies...
  4. Last time I went out west to a mate's farm, one of the guys brought a small hatchet he bought for $10 from a reject shop type place. He'd sharpened it something fierce and drilled a few holes in it to get a decent balance. By the end of the first day he could hit trees from a good 20m away consistently, and it'd stick in maybe 75% of the time. Unfortunately we didn't see much game, so we just shot cans and stuff in the end.
  5. people don't hunt with axes. that would be cruel. it is better to kill the animal humanely, so as it dose'nt suffer too much.
    the only things hunted in Aus with knives are feral pigs. if you stick them correctly they bleed out and die in about 30 seconds. you need a well trained dog or two to find them and hold them for you.
    theres plenty of hunting clubs around but not one specifically for this.
    you can make a bit of cash out of it too if theres chiller boxes moving around where you are hunting. but they have to be killed properly, everything sanitary.
    should be lots of them around after all the floods up north. they love sugar cane.
    ATGATT for your dogs too. those piggies can be seriously mean sometimes. grow decent tusks and are good fighters.
    you"ll find them in Vic too if you know where to look. but heavilly wooded areas require exceptionally good dogs to find them.
    they are a nuisance, crop damage and they"ll even eat baby lams when it's lambing season. the potential for them to spread disease into livestock is always a worry too.
    remember, clean kills, don't be cruel to animals, happy hunting.
  6. and people have never hunted with axes in the history of earth. ridiculous.
    it's just a tool for the hunters kit.
  7. Hatchets are handy around the camp but if you want to hunt with one you are a nut-bag. Can you sneak up on a pig and grab it by the leg? If not then try something else, like a camera. Stalking is an art and not easy to get proficient with.
  8. this is what you want:

  9. Yeah, this is good. Probably should get a dog before i AXE a pig in the face... Although i was thinking of spear hunting.... shove it down their gullet and axe it in the face.

    although you need a hilt on the spear cause the male pigs will push down the spear to attack you.
  10. You need to rethink your idea of wandering through the bush trying to brain shit with an axe.
  11. You been watching lord of the flies again?
  12. Lmfao. nahhh just got blood lust lol!
  13. Hunting kangaroos with spears and knives can be fun but requires people to scare them in your direction. If you do it by yourself you tend to scare them away from you unless you sit by a worn track and wait...and wait...and wait.

    Wild pigs can be a rush if you have a well trained dog, I've seen boars tear a dogs chest in half with one head slash so you need to buy them some good leathers. Sows with piglets are bloody dangerous, I've been chased through scrub and up trees a few times and they wont let you back down all night.
  14. yeah. sounds fun lol! axe to the face!
  15. Oh yeah, hunting with the hatchet would have been stupid, that's what we had .223s for...

    I remember we were hiking down a fairly steep creek and we came over a little outcrop of rock and saw a fox down below us. As I was lining up the shot one of the guys a bit behind walked over and didn't realise we'd seen it, and screamed "FOX FOX FOX!!!!", scaring it off. Didn't see any more foxes which sucked, I totally wanted a hat. Did kill a goat later on though. We didn't know how to gut it though so just at the shanks, was quite tasty slow roasted. We also hung out the skin, etc. It makes a decent rug to sit on rather than rough ground.
  16. Plus one to the Pig hunting with dogs and a knife. My Dad and a few of his mates where right into Pig hunting. This is in NZ. They had some pretty awesome dogs between them too It was far easier to get through the bush at speed carrying only a knife when the dogs picked up a scent. A rifle is awkward and heavy and gets snagged on stuff as you're scrambling through the undergrowth. And it's far more exciting trying to get in close enough to stick the Pig with a knife without getting slashed with its tusks, than standing back and popping it off with a rifle.
  17. I would expect the pig would be more likely to snatch the spear from your terrified hand and shank you with it.

    A good hunting knife can be handy for skinning rabbits etc but guns are a more effective and humane way to kill them. Wandering around the bush chucking knives and axes around, I suspect the closest you'll get to making a kill is when you drop your axe on your foot.

    Maybe you should take up stomping with ants to begin with and if you can do that without being stung, you could move up to fishing which will justify the knife purchase. :)
  18. You might want to go have a beer in Nebo pub west of Mackay before you head bush just a knife.
    Some of the boar heads on the walls in there are just massive. If you saw one before it saw you, you would die if fright first. Luckily.
    I was on a team auditing the fiber lines out west and we were in places man has not been in a while. We were chased by pigs, wild cattle and F knows what sometimes. We never saw it we just ran.
    But we did come across a few guys with dogs and they were using bows and arrows. And the small crossbows. That looked pretty kewl.
  19. Pistol-action crossbows? I used to work with a pig hunter who carried a handgun for the same reason, but only having one bolt is pretty hardcore.
  20. I guess ??? not sure what their called as I'm not into it.
    It was only maybe 500mm across and sat on top of his wrist, strapped to it. And yeah one shot.
    His mate just had the plain old draw bow. They were pretty hard core looking. But ended up being really nice blokes.