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Knees down guys

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by LiLEd, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. Ok guys been riding a for a while now and loving it. Just want to know how people manage to them knees down in them big corners. i must admit i have riden afew places and had it pretty close well i think anyway sure as hell felt like it. And no not in traffic cause thats just mad. Seen some pics before from the black spur looks like alot of guys get pretty low there. Any thoughts would be sweet. Just intrested to see how different people do it.

  2. By sticking their knee out off the bike as they go around a corner...:LOL:.... I hope you have a pair of sliders on when you are trying this or 'Have come close' aswell, otherwise you could be in for a world of pain!!!
  3. Slide a butt-cheek off the seat, stick the knee out and lean the bike is generally how it's done.
  4. Sniff....Sniff....Sniff.......do I smell Troll?
  5. I hope you realise that you have re-ignited one of the great Netrider arguments, Ed :LOL:

    {Psst, knees down is all about style, not substance}
  6. look in the action shot thread in multimedia :grin:
  7. Can someone clear this up for me?
    I promise this is the last stupid question I will ask.
    More than likely.
  8. heheh

    I dont want to start an arguement just intrested. Do u need alot of speed? how do u stop it from falling rite over? thats what im intrested in. hehehe sorry if i start an argument guys just keen on riding and enjoying my self.

  9. You can do cornering courses where they teach you how to do all that stuff properly.

    Get rid of the chicken strips before you try getting the knee down ;)
  10. Re: heheh

    Do you need a lot of speed?
    You can get way off teh bike at low speed in a tight corner, or at high speed in a big sweeper.

    At the moment i am practicing getting way off teh seat at low speed in left handers (Or rights around some particular roundabouts)

    So why the lefties? because I keep teh bike in the left lane turing left into the left lane... this makes the cercumfrance of teh corner really tight, so you get a long way off the bike at realy low speed. (So if it goes to teh crapper it goes there at low speed.
  11. you do need to carry alot of speed through the corner. before enter you should slide the seat so it's just the bottom of your tigh taking up the whole seat and sicking your knee out.

    best is to try it at a low speed to make sure you feel comfy with it
  12. once I entered a corner on the spur a tad hot, tucked the SV in and started scraping the footpegs, I was wearing only draggins at the time.

    Man I was trying to climb onto the other side of the bike, my brain was screaming "ouch" but my body was going "nah, nothing yet"

    bit edgy after that! :LOL:
  13. Ok i have a question. WHY do you guys who regularily get the knee down or are practicing to get it down do it???

    It is definately useless at low speed and even at high speed it really only serves a limited purpose, mostly constrained to racing (or 10/10ths street riding).
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  15. I think if you ask 10 people that question you will get 10 answers.
    For me. I never want to particularly get "the knee down"

    There are two reasons I do it.

    First. I feel more in controll of the bike when it is more upright and I am off the bike. So the aim is very much to keep the bike upright. This also means if I overheat the corner I can pull the bike down and i am ready to attempt to pull it into the corner.

    The Second reason is I like to "RIDE" a bike. I like the feling of working with the machine, not just leting it take me for the ride, but actually working it. So it feels good.
  16. Too true, Night-Rider - all for looks, not for speed. A lot of riders do it wrong anyway... but as long as they're having fun, doesn't really matter!

    If you wanna do it properly, LilEd, try the Knee-Down course:

    I think Superbike School Level 3 will teach you how to do it too... but generally they don't want you to actually put your knee on the deck, just use it to hang off further and corner quicker.
  17. putting or your weight to one side means you can get more weight to force the bike down further, causing you to get a greater angle. if you do track days you'll notice its not that easy to force the bike down at high speeds without doing so. hence why all the races do it.

    practicing at a low speed is not useless as you get to get use to the feel of it, unless you reconmend someone new trying this out at full speed, which would be quiet idiotic
  18. probably why so many riders are so fat, helps with cornering....
  19. guys on cruisers dont need to put their knees down, lol

  20. :LOL: