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Kneedragon's new toy.

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by kneedragon, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Like the wide lens.
  2. Moved to right forum ](*,)
  3. I thought you were going for the 10 but the 14 is even better especially as you will be pillioning. Very nice :)
  4. From what I remember, you've been without a bike for a fair while. Great to see you're back on two wheels, I think you're going to have MUCH fun. Nice bike!
  5. Kneedragon - that is a nice bike mate ! Congrats !
    I keep staring at these, wondering when one will be sitting in my garage.
    Enjoy buddy (y)
  6. Thanks everyone - I'm having a ball.

    The 10R is the bike I want, and if / when the rest of the money comes in, I intend to get one of those as well. The ZX14 is my 2-up mount.

    I did initially have an issue with it standing up, and discovered the guys at the shop delivered it with about 30 psi front. They'd told me 36. I put it up to 36 and that helped, but a slow browse through the owners manual shows a KHI recommended pressure of 42 cold, in BOTH. Seems a bit excessive, but what do they know? They only made the thing. With 42 cold in both - it corners as neutrally as you could wish. Move body to the inside by about 6 inches, and it'll just sit at whatever lean you put it at, almost irrespective of dips and undulations.
  7. *gasp* you're promoting squidding in that vid!!! /end sarcasm

    i'm jealous. not quite jealous of the bike, yet. just jealous that you have a new bike and mine's at the doctors :'(
  8. Down to Balina and back tonight. Saw a Winnebago on its side, glass and pots and pans for 200m, just south of the NSW border. 1,000 k just about up. 1st service on Friday. (Test ride a ZX10R while mine's getting fettled.) Sunday is the flood relief charity ride. Monday (Oh my God it's early) morning - head off to Cairns for 2 weeks.

    I could get used to this 'having some money' thing.

    Just for knickers - I will get around to writing an owner's report. Soon.

    It is a good piece of gear. I sort of expected a newer, better ZZR1100. That's selling it a bit short. If you took a litre class sports bike and cut it in half, near the back of the fuel tank, and added a 10 inch plug, weighing about 30 ~ 40kg, you'd have this. It kind of handles like a sports bike, but it doesn't turn like one. Too long. But it is stable, and it is pretty damn quick.

    It does generate a lot of engine heat, which does toast you as you ride. It will be nice in winter.

    Straight line go is pretty impressive. My old 1980 GSX11 would kill it up to about 4k. 4 ~ 5 nothing much in it. Anything over 5 - good night Irene. From 5 ~ 11, a ZX14 will waste most things.

    Comfort is good for about an hour. Knee bend is significant. There is weight on the wrists.

    The brakes are awesome. More power and bite and feel than I'm used to. Need to remember to stroke, not grab.

    Wind protection is pretty good. You don't need to be under the paint on the tank before you're mostly out of the draft.

    The lights are sensational. My last (quick) bike had very ordinary headlights, but these would put most current cars to shame. The light's on Doug's FJR13 are about as good, and I've never seen a bike with better lights than that.

    Fuel range is over 300k if you pussy-foot along. It does have a 22 l tank. According to the computer, I have managed an average over the first 1,000 km of 14.1 km/l.

    The big danger on this - like any fast bike - is that you will arrive at road features sooner than you expected, carrying rather more pace than you expected. Get off the power and on the brakes earlier than you think you need to. To be sure - to be sure. The classic crash on this, like the ZX12R before it, and many older long and low Kawasakis, is a front end loose due to arriving too fast, and trying to brake and tip in at the same time.

    It is a very quiet bike (stock) - so much so that you hear all sorts of funny little noises you normally wouldn't, because the intake and exhaust notes would drown them out. For example, you get tyre / road noise echoing up from the front tyre. You can feel the texture of the road through the rear tyre and your feet.

    If you're going straight, the bike is a doddle to ride at walking pace. Do a slow U-turn and you'll find your forearms meeting the tank. It doesn't squish your thumbs or anything, but the steering locks are not the practical limit of steering - your wrists and arms against the tank are. It will do a U-turn in about the same space as a small car. Try a U-turn in 5m of space and you'll be in trouble.

    The clutch and the clutch / throttle relationship are extraordinary. Quite outstanding. The feel and precision and repeatability of the clutch is about the best I've ever experienced. This is still more or less the fastest accelerating production bike in the world - over 400m. The quality of the clutch makes that possible.

    Too drunk - too tired. Going night-night. All the best, people.
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  9. Geez Kneedragon...you wrote all the above whilst drunk ???
    Very comprehensive and detailed report mate - thanks.
  10. You know, I suppose I should do something about my avatar, huh?

    When I was messing about in the showroom, I had a look inside the front of the demo model, and it had a RadGuard. I thought it was standard equipment. Mine doesn't have one. There are none in stock and an order is likely to take 2 weeks to come in... and I leave for Cairns on Monday morning. Hmmm....

    I've had a chance to crack it open a few times now, under various conditions, and it is quite top-endy. There is sufficient thrust available in the bottom end but it won't frighten the horses. Redline is 11k, and if you want all that 193 hp of goodness, that's where you need to be.

    If you sit up or back at all, it will power mono in 1st, without any bounce or tug or clutch. Sit hard up against the tank and crouch, and it just accelerates. But over a slight crest, at $1.80 ish in 3rd, it will pop up and carry the front for a while.

    They say about most recreational drugs - especially the old smoking hooch - that if you have any kind of mental issues at all, then you should leave it alone because it will make everything worse. You may think you're self medicating, but all you're really doing is asking for trouble. Well, ZX14s need to be listed on the same page, because they do inspire megalomaniac thoughts and sex fiend giggles. She is a very, very naughty girl.

    Carrying a moderate amount of front brake over a little dip in the road will cause the front to chirp. That's good to know - there is an audible warning. Still haven't used the front brake hard. Haven't used the rear at all - well, dragged it slightly a couple of times doing U-turns, but that's about it.

    The outside of your toes touches down before the hero blobs. Need to be up on the balls of your feet if you're going for it.

    I can get the right position to hang off and do it easily in street cloths. With full leathers - my old set - I struggle to get my legs where they need to be.

    Engine braking is significant, but less than I expected. I think the old air cooled 1100s used to have a bit more.

    When I was riding every day on the Aprilia, and doing track days, I had confidence and recent experience. I didn't often do stuff that upset people, or left me shaking my head like WTF was that about? I've been beeped twice and several times had things work out just a wee bit different to what I expected - amazing what just two years off the road does. I'm riding like a girl because I'm working my way back into it, with tiny little steps.

    I can't wait for the first track day - that is going to be a very frightening and very exhilarating day. The Lady Macbeth is a hell of a lot quicker than anything I've ever ridden on a racetrack before. The Aprilia (Dianna) was hitting about 210 ~ 215 on the front and back straights at QR. I figure the Lady Mac will be doing about 250, and need to have the anchors out by the 150m marker. I was going just inside the 100 with Dianna.
  11. Ok - 1st service done. I thought they said it was free. Fail. $248 later...

    2011 ZX10Rs are fun to ride. It doesn't steer as quick as I expected, which is not a complaint - I quite like it. Handling is exemplary. Can not fault it at all. The bike is way better than I am. Power is much more manageable and soft than I expected. The traction control is everything we've read about - it works. 8 - 9 - 10 in 1st gear, bike on its side, just whack it open and it steps out about an inch and just stays there, painting nice BT01 lines out of the corners. I expected a much more aggressive, more animalistic experience. Honestly, great aunty nellie could ride this bike. I've ridden R6s that were much harder to ride. It's like a baby-blade cbr250rr - utterly toothless.

    It is easy to stall. Light crank - no bottom end to speak of - very tall 1st gear. I stalled it 3 times, each time while the bike was moving, times when you'd normally just let the clutch out because you're doing idle speed in 1st gear - not on this thing. Idle speed in 1st must be about 30 km/h, and if you just let the clutch out at less than that, she just stops.

    More to follow - have to go to the post office...
  12. Houston - the kneedragon has landed. Contrary to some reports, Cairns is still here, and rather pleasant as a matter of fact. My mobile interenet is up and running. We have beer, and chips.
  13. Nice bike. :)

    Curious, what cam were you using to record the ride?
  14. GoPro High def. In that clip, I was using the elastic jockstrap arrangement to mount it to the top of my helmet. After that, I stuck a mount to the chinpiece of my hat, so all later vids will be better.
  15. Thanks. :)

    Just did a bit of research on it. Very impressive piece of hardware. I like... a lot!! (y)
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  17. Anything you can put on the mic to dampen that wind noise some mate?
    Looks like a mean machine :D. Bet you are loving it!
    2 months and 7 days for me before fulls... wont be upgrading right away but at least i can steal my old boys k1200rs for a decent spin ;).
  18. Being a gopro, it comes with two different backs. There is a waterproof one, and a no so waterproof one. They recommend that any time you're doing stuff where sound quality is important, or you need to capture faint sounds, (wildlife photography perhaps, or the office christmas party) use the open backed one. On the other hand, for higher speeds, (like over 100 mph) or use in the water, use the fully waterproof back. I've never bothered to fit the open back. Everything I've recorded is inside a fully waterproof box.
  19. Is it possible to get different angle lenses? That one is much to wide for my taste.