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kneedragon racing

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by kneedragon, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. I had in mind to keep telling this story under "Kneedragon's new toys" but I seem to be locked out of that thread because it's old.

    I'm currently scanning a few pages of race results and time sheets. Sadly, there are no photos or videos. Hard to do the thing and photograph it. I can't find my GoPro since my grand daughters played with it.

    I posted this the other day under motorcycle p0rn, but it's good to get the words and pics, so ...

    Time sheets scanning ...

  2. Ok, here we go ...

  3. I'd be pretty damn happy with myself if I got results like that on my first outing - well done man!
  4. I AM!

    It could have been better. I could have refused to trust the GPS b1tch and end up in a dead end dirt road in the middle of nowhere, too narrow to turn a car and trailer around.

    I could have not tried to round up a slowpoke on the outside through turn 9 and sucked myself into the turn 10 event horizon.

    They could have put me between the middle and the back of the medium group, where I qualified.

    After two fastest laps in two races, they could have put me in the front row of the slow group. That way, I might have actually won one.
  5. Great effort, don't be too concerned about not winning. There's always next time, and as long as you learned something, you will improve.

    I'm hoping to get into the challenge cup one day too (maybe next year after many more track days) how much did the weekend cost you?
  6. Bracket Racing is usually a hoot but the race officials have to be serious in punting dodgey qualifiers for it to work, there's usually peer pressure to not fudge it. They probably ran fixed grids to try and discourage that but it seems you got caught, normally progressive grids make life more interesting.

    Can you give us non-Qld guys impressions on the track? was it the full circuit? Have they smoothed out the bumpy bits on the extensions?

    How was the race managed? Was the sign-in and riders brief smooth and easy? Were there enough corner marshals? That sort of thing?

    Good to hear you enjoyed your first outing!
  7. Top stuff mate, sounds like you had a ball (y)

    When are you going back :)
  8. Mike...you farken legend mate ha ha. You beauty.
    Did you take that freeken black QE1400 around Morgan park ???? Too good. And a top ten.
    Dave Oliver is a nice bloke and can throw a bike around pretty well.
  9. good to see you're out having a crack! seems youre doing well too

    but as tradition says, pics or GTFO! haha.
  10. Ok - let's try this...


    Good. That works. The track we used was the 'I' track, which turns hard right after the fast left-hand turn 3, and includes a right - hard left - right in the middle of the back straight. From what I can see, it's about 2 ~ 3 sec faster than the long track.

    We didn't use the first extension. I gather fixing the bumps and the drainage there is why it's closed. The rest, parts of it are a bit bumpy, yes, but not real bad. The meeting seemed pretty well run to me, but then I don't have a lot to compare it to.
  11. Wow that's awesome! So when do you go out next?
  12. Magnifico, mate! =D>
  13. As long as it wasn't too bumpy. Good one!
  14. Unloaded the $5k 'blade off the trailer. Cleaned some of the bugs off it. Oiled the chain. Had a brief look at the thing.

    It has about 50k on it, since 2003, and the rear disk is half worn, but the fronts are like new. I strongly suspect the pads in the front are the original set. ie., the bloke I got it from rides like a girl and the bloke he got it from did the same. Rear tyre Pilot road, bald as in the middle, not even scrubbed past half way. Front, Pilot Power, near new. Not scrubbed at all past 1/3 lean.

    Front preload set to full. Rear preload set to min. Hmmm... I don't think he liked that much weight on his wrists. The toolkit contained the 'C' spanner (poxy knuckle-busting bastard thing) and that got the rear preload up to half way. I may get around to backing off the front a bit but it seems ok the way it is.

    Down the servo, 34 in each, and off around the block a few times. It seems a bit stand-up-ish, but that's the flat centre wear pattern on the rear. The feeling goes away completely once you lean over a bit. Ride position is more R6 than ZX14. The clutch is a bit sudden, after being spoiled by the 14. It stops, but lacks the power and the feel of the 14. I think I'll change the brake fluid, and strip and clean and grease the lever and the callipers. It's never going to be the same as radial master / radial callipers like the 14, but it should be a little better than it is.

    Motor feels a little flat right down near idle, but once over about 3 ~ 4k, it gets your attention. Just how much it comes on I don't know - I was riding a bike without plates around my own neighbourhood in a T-shirt. I wasn't trying real hard. The Akrapovic sounds the bomb! Fuggen magic!

    Discrete enquiries at the tyre shop says I can line up an M5 rear for $245. If the Power on the front feels wrong once that's done I'll see about a matching M5 front, but it seems a shame to throw away what looks like a perfectly good new Power.

    All in all - I'm impressed. I like it.

    My bolt kit for the R6 came in. I haven't opened it yet. I also ordered a pair of clip - ons to replace the one the fella at the meeting lent me, and to have one spare in the tool box.
  15. That's hard to say. About $12k by my estimate, but that incudes the cost of the bike and the prep and the transport and some stuff that will be good for the next year. Honestly, it's hard to put a fair price on.
    $220. Track day prior to the meeting. Required as a 1st timer.
    $240. entry fee.
    $10. transponder base.
    $50. refunded afterwards - security on transponder.
    $90. rent carport. (Useful but not required.)
    $450. 1 x set Metzler Racetek K2s.
    $285. replace steering head bearings.
    $750. Repair and paint fairing. (before the track day stack.)
    $ (?) about 300 - fix fairing again myself.
    $300. New leathers - absolute bargain! Perfect? Not quite, but for 300 they're so much better than what I had...
    $165 AlpineStar back protecter. I already had another one but it was crap. I wanted a smaller, better one.
    $56. 2 x new clip-on tubes. (one to replace the one RichB lent me, one as spare.)
    $240 fuel. Some gas in the car, 40 litres of 98 for the bike. I still have half of it left. I'm going to feed it to the 14.
    $80 (ish) 2 x 20 litre jerry-cans.
    $300 (ish) fixing up and registering my mate's trailer so I can use it.
    $300 (ish) gas in the car to go to Sydney and pick up the bike.
    $4,000 purchase bike.
    $4,000 purchase car. Honest - the only reason I bought a car was to tow the racebike around.
    $1,000 rego on the car.
    $800 lowered springs and shortened shocks in front of car.
    $300 (ish) fit tow-bar and wiring.

    Several thousand bucks - incidental expenses that I can't quite place. Tools, nuts and bolts, tie-down straps, ramp... fairing bolt kit, drilled front calliper bolt kit...

    The cost to do the next round is likely to be under $400 - if I don't bin it again.


    Actually, that's wrong. I need a steering damper before I go there again and that's going to cost about $400 on its own, unless I can find a steal on fleabay...
    And I still don't have a generator or tyre warmers. Not required but they sure as hell help.

    The $5k mentioned in the post above has nothing to do with my racing. I promised my son I'd buy him a bike - a decent one. So I bought him a 2003 954 Fireblade. I was going to Melbourne anyway, to watch the superbikes, so I arranged to pick it up and slot it on the trailer next to the 14 and lug them both back.
  16. ok thanks mate.

    alot of setup costs there ! lol

    You bought a car, towbar and paid for your mates trailer, just to tow a bike???

    I found a Ford courier ute cheap and use that to tow my bike :)