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Kneedragon is a freak, and he liked this

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by kneedragon, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. I am following up on my own suggestion. If Jeffco can have a thread called Jeffco's favourite websites, then I can have one called Kneedragon is a freak, and he liked this...

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    Watch as SpaceX's latest Falcon rocket burns then crashes

    Well, now we know what the problem was...

    For comparison...

    Blue Origin has fourth successful rocket booster landing

    Now Blue Origin are making some noise that they can land rockets too. This is slightly misleading. Jeff Bezos is making a booster to compete with Virgin Galactic and Richard Branson, to get a couple of people, to (nominally) above the 100 mile line, (edit: Sorry, 100km) for a few seconds, so they can claim they've been in space. The Blue Origin rocket is not capable of getting a match box into orbit, even at minimal height... The Space-X rocket puts stuff into low orbit and lands fine. It can (and has already done so) deliver a tonne and a half of supplies to the International Space Station and get the rocket back, either onto the floating platform or straight back to Cape Canaveral. What Elon Musk is trying to do, is launch 3 different one tonne (roughly) geo-stationary communications satellites, into a 22,236 mile high equatorial orbit, and still land the stage one booster from that flight. It's a bit like comparing a thunder clap to a goose's fart... No matter what it looks like, on an internet video, these things are not in the same ballpark.
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    Le Mans has been run and won.

    Toyota loses Le Mans at the death to Porsche | Le Mans Race Report

    I am not quite sure what happened to the #1 car Webber was in...

    Webber did a stint around the 6 hour mark. Some time later, (about 8 hours) they got pinged for some kind of rule breach on his stop, a wheel in the wrong place, or a hose where it shouldn't have been or some petty thing. So they had to come in again, after the driver change, and while they were stopped, the car over heated. Investigation showed the water pump had failed, apparently while the car had been stopped. For reasons I don't quite understand, to change the water pump on a 919 hybrid, you have to remove the bell-housing from the engine. They did that, and it took them about 40 minutes. That took them from the race lead to about last place, but still running. Then I went to bed. When I got up, they were out. Apparently they'd also had a crash. I don't know anything about that.

    The lead Toyota was headed for a certain victory when the engine died 5 minutes from the end. Nakajima managed to get it around the track on the electric power to the finish line, but that's as far as it would go. To be classed as a runner, you must be running at the finish, and they weren't. What actually broke on the Toyota, I don't know. He called up the pit and said he was losing power, and then he'd lost power, and then it stopped. He managed to get it moving again, but purely on electric. It got to the finish line but that's as far as it was going to get.


    Oh, they did finish...

    Toyota loses Le Mans in final minutes to Porsche | Le Mans Race Report

    "The #1 Porsche of Mark Webber, Timo Bernhard and Brendon Hartley's wait for a victory as a trio also expired to mechanical failure after requiring a water pump change and spent over two-and-a-half hours in the garage for numerous issues, eventually taking 14th overall, fifth in class. "

    F1 has been run and done at Baku.

    European Grand Prix - Race results | F1 Results

    This was also a bit weird. They have rules now, quite strict and heavily policed, about what the driver can say to the pits and what the pits can say to the driver. The principle is something about coaching the driver. Problem for many teams, is the engine / power unit management system is complex, and quite a few of the things you need to do to operate it, are complex. Hamilton (for one) got caught out by this sh1t very badly.

    "It's running like a dog. What's wrong?"
    "You're in the wrong mode."
    "How do I get it back in the right mode?
    "Sorry, we can't tell you that."

    It gets a bit silly. Hamilton and Mercedes were not the only ones. Quite a few top teams had issues with this. It starts to look like they need to have a good look at this rule and re-write it. I can see a fair reason why you don't need to tell an F1 driver, during the race, what line he should be on through a fast corner. He's a f-ckin F1 driver - he should know that. But "How would I reset the kinetic energy recovery system without completely stopping the car and switching off the engine?" - that's a slightly different kind of question...

    Hamilton brands radio comms restrictions ‘dangerous’ | F1 News
    Wolff calls for radio rule review after Mercedes issues | F1 News
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  4. Excellent work kneedragon :) expecting big things here, a lot of which I probably wont be able to understand :p

    by the way anyone with a favorite website can add it to jeffcos favorite websites :)
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    Ok... upsetting people. Let's get started...

    Story of Jesus Christ was 'fabricated to pacify the poor', claims

    I present Joseph Atwill because I think his theory is one of the better and more convincing ones.


    Note : I got 550,000 results to that search. This did not start as an original piece of naval gazing by yours truly.

    I like the great flying spaghetti monster, because there's not much doubt it's comedy and parody. I think the pastafarians need a tenth commandment. "As long as people continue being stupid and hilarious, continue to take the mickey out of them."

    A YouTube channel.

    Caesar's Messiah
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  6. Slightly different tack. When I came home from hospital, I was bored, so I used Ewe Choob to keep up with fashion shows for swimwear (because I like to look at girls) and I stumbled across this. I think I went looking for the big yacht of Mr Roman Obramovich. (SP?) That's when I discovered Azzam.

    Now, I'm not exactly a nautical sort of person, but I think you'd look a bit better pulling in your crab pots from this than your neighbour's old ten foot tinnie...
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    And if that's not fast enough, you can fly. For much of the last decade the pick of private / 'business' jets (cough cough) was the Cessna Citation 750. But GulfStream brought out a new fly by wire mid size Biz jet (would seat 19 if packed in like an airliner) called the G-650. It is about as fast as the Citation, which makes it about the equal fastest civilian aircraft in the world, but it has a range (stock) of about 7,000 nautical miles. There is an Extended Range version that goes 7,500. And it is gorgeous. I can't pick one video that does it justice. Here's a list...

    gulfstream g650 - YouTube

    Seven and a half thousand nautical miles means it can fly non stop from San Francisco, to Adelaide. ... although, why you'd fly to Adelaide if you had that much money, I don't know... lol.
  8. and to think we used to think Greg Normans yacht Aussie rules was big

    Built | Refit Length Builder
    2003 | 2008 69.50m (228'0"ft) Oceanfast
    Guests Beam Naval Architect
    12 11.58m ( 37'11"ft) Oceanfast
    Cabins Draft Interior Designer
    2 Cabins 3.00m (9'10"ft) Oceanfast
    Crew Speed Exterior Designer
    15 18.00 Knots Sam Sorgiovanni Designs
  9. LOL. Actually, that reminds me. Slightly smaller, and also not the current version (fashion has moved on) but purely from a styling / aesthetic view, my favourites were these...

    It's a 120 ft Palmer Johnson, from about 10 years ago. Now the more current ones have gone to a narrow sharp bow that looks like a rowing scull, and it doesn't appeal in quite the same way. I can see one of these with a few Barbies and a couple of Ken on it, and it looks just right...
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  10. Fear and consumption.
  11. yeah that works too doesn't it
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  13. I'm anticipating a heavy X-Files vibe to this topic, please don't disappoint kneedragonkneedragon

    the truth is out there
  14. chilliman64chilliman64 Lol, yeah, that's one of my interests. I also like muddaboiks and aeroplanes and pretty girls...
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  15. If space and stuff interests you at all, this is worth a quick look every single day. They change the picture each day, and most of them are well worth a minute to look at.

    Astronomy Picture of the Day

    If you want to read about current stuff rather than admire airbrush work, go here.

    Space News From SpaceDaily.Com

    And slightly related, these lads put up a list of funny pictures about lunch time every Friday, so Friday afternoon, have a quick look at the overclockers.

    Latest OCAU News - Overclockers Australia
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  16. Top pic