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Knee sliders

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by eastla, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. I just purchased a pair of Joe Rocket Blaster leather pants.
    I would like to get some knee sliders to fit to them.

    Are all knee sliders suitable?
    Are they a standardised fit for all pants?
    I saw some Kaneg sliders on Ebay that look ok; would they work and has anyone had experience with them?

    Any brand suggestions?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Do the knee sliders on ebay have a Velcro backing? Does your pants have Velcro on the knees to stick knee sliders on?
  3. The ad for the sliders says:
    "Suede backed velcro fixing pads"

    The ad for the pants says:
    "Hook and loop knee panels for optional knee sliders"

    I am not too sure what they are?

    Also says that the pants have velcro patches.
  4. I looked at a picture of the pants and it looks like it has Velcro panels for the knee sliders to stick onto.
  5. So should work right?
  6. Thanks for your help ;)
  7. Just one thing... where it says 'hook and loop' perhaps find out which the pants have & which the sliders have (different brands will very possibly have different combos).

    Check out some velcro, the 'hook' side is the hard side that catches, the 'loop' side is the softer fuzzier stuff. If you have 2 velcro bits that you want to stick together, and they're both hook, they won't stick. Both loop, they won't stick.

    For them to stick together, you need one side to have the hook and the other part to have loop.

    Anyway, hope it all works out for ya! :grin:
  8. Thanks for the explaination.
    Now it makes sense ;)