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Knee Protectors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Mithel, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. To give the full story, won't take long.
    When i bought my last pair of draggin cargos i picked up a set of knox knee protectors. These are the protectors supplied by draggin, they velcro in your draggins. I did a fit up in prep for sewing in the velcro and wasn't satisfied with the way it all worked. Nothing wrong with the idea but because the draggins fit loosely on the leg (as cargos should) there was more movement and potentential for them to not be where you needed them, when you needed them.
    So i went on a quest with the idea of finding, either "wraps" to hold the knox protectors on my knee or some sort of motorcross geear that would do the same job.
    Today i had success - Answer youth knee/shin guard $24.99 from All motorcycle Xcessories (AMX) 5/477 Dorsert Road Bayswater (just near mtn hwy).
    They are a foam backing (same as the perforated foam in back protectors) with a light but sturdy knee cup and shin guard (looks like a fibrous plastic compound), two elastic velcro staps on the shin section hold them on the calf.
    They dont' move about because the top strap is above the calf muscle and the knee cup/shin guard holds it from "squirming". good thing is i can either pull the cargos up and put them on or pull the cargos over them, since thay are fairly slim. Could get a little warm, but i figure no worse than my back protector and that has been fine the last 2 weeks in the warm weather commutes.