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Knee protection

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by deadmeat, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. I've found first hand that Draggin Jeans offer practically no impact protection. :(

    Is there some sort of knee protectors that I can wear underneath the Draggins?

    Dirt riding ones are too big, and Knox velcro pads that some places sell along with the Draggins move around too much and don't cover the area properly.

    Any recommendations?

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. you can get draggins with armour. You just have t o specify. Theyre not very popuklar
  3. I've got the knox velcro ones, they're not too bad, especially once you're on the bike. They move around enough to let your skin breathe and don't interfere when you're off the bike.

    However, for extra protection, Dainese make a knee/shin protector that velcros directly onto your leg. It's quite hard and looks the business. You put it under your draggins, jeans, whatever you're wearing and it wouldn't be inappropriate for motocross use either.

    They're about $50 a pair at Peter Stevens from memory and that's what I'd go for if I were you. They look like they'd stand up to a serious crash.
  4. No you wouldn't!
  5. SWAT or Military special forces lower leg armour, straps to leg, can be worn under loose pants.

    Check USA military and police gear websites for various options.
  6. Hi I ahve the Dragin Cargo pant type, and have been using off road knee guards, Oneil at the moment, they have three velcro straps 1 above the knee and two below, full cup over the knee and work well, give wind and a little rain protection if i get caugth with out the wet gear, there is also a fox option that is smaller and has well vented foam for the 40+ days, also works well, takes a few hundred k's to get used to it, then all good.
  7. if these are the ones Loz got me to buy, i've worn them on a few rides and they're comfortable enough, i hardly remember they're there until i step off the bike, then i can just unstrap them and pop em in my bag.

    if i wore them on thursday i might be able to straighten my leg right now, well worth the money - even 2 pairs of draggins still give some nice bruising in an off.

    won't be leaving home without em again :D
  8. Interesting. I've got the $25 CE kneepads that velcro inside my Draggin cargos.

    But it sounds as though the Dainese's would offer much better shin protection - I'll check them out.