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Knee pain - stop me if you've heard it before!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Stormtrooper, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Not sure this is a common issue or not, but I seem to be suffering some knee pain since changing over from the ol faithful CB.

    I'm trying to figure out whether the change in riding position would be enough to warrant this, as the pain seems to be worst a few hours after I've taken the bike out....

    Its a VTR so there's a defininte change in seating position, and I'm wondering if having my knees wrapped around the tank is causing the problem...

    anyone else got any info/stories to relate?

    Or can someone point me to a useful thread that I've missed?

  2. Even the smallest change of seating position can make enormous changes to your comfort. I put a new set of bars on one of my bikes once and rode 80kms to home and arrived with my wrists screaming in protest. I bought another bar which was les than half a centimetre different in one bend, and it was perfect. Try fiddling with the adjustments, of both the bars AND the footpegs/pedals.
  3. Buy a BMW.

    I rode one of HART's Hornets at a training day and thought my wrists were gong to die after 5 mins. If you are used to more upright getting used to the more sporty position can be painful.

    Still, if you liked the CB250's position, I know where you can get a good one for ... I dunno, shall we say $5000 :LOL:
  4. Sporty riding position on a Hornet?? Only in comparison to a bullock dray, surely :?.
  5. The Hornet is semi upright .. would def not call it sports.
  6. the vtr is much more cramped than a cb.

    The type of pain you experience and the way it behaves will go a long way as to a diagnosis and choice of appropriate treatment. As i don't know these things i'm going to take a guess- but if my guess does not fit the TYPE or BEHAVIOUR of your pain then ignore my suggestion.

    Often with a deficiency of the VMO muscle knee pain can occur- this will be more pronounced in positions of greater knee flexioin and greater load. You may have pain that results from an imbalance in the activation/contitioning of this muscle.

    Look up Patello-femoral Pain Syndrome in an internet search engine and follow the reccomendations. But only if the pain behaviour fits what you have- otherwise get it checked out.

    let me know how you go :)
  7. Hey Camoridz, did a search as suggested, and the first description I came across pretty much summed it up perfectly.

    I think I'll get along to see a physio for a professional opinion, but that definitely sounds to be the case. Thanks for the lead on that.
  8. I had ops on both my knees when I was younger, so my knees can't handle being bent tightly for long periods of time OR kept straight for long periods of time.

    I ride a CBR and have pillioned on a CBR and a VFR?.

    My knees ache when riding after a while so I have to straighten them.

    When I pillioned on Dave's CBR, after the first hour or so, I had to straigten my knees about every half hour because they killed.

    Yet on Jay's VFR? I think I straigtened my legs...maybe twice? in the entire trip from Hotham area to home.

    Seating position CERTAINLY makes all the difference :)