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Knee out of action

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jackarau, May 2, 2005.

  1. Well, Sunday at work, everything was smooth until I bent down. Tryed to get up ...and my left knee gave a big jerk, it felt like a shotgun bullet ( no I have not experienced that yet!). Couldn't walk, rang my wife to come and pick me up. Gone straight to Monash Medical Centre (why not hospital anymore?). BIGGG queue, waited about an hour, then the triage nurse looked at me, then the doctor..and nothing broken!
    Something like a pinched nerve, should go away in two or three days, meantime I am on crutches. If it doesn't improve I have to go back.
    No X-rays (?) Doctor was quite convinced about her diagnosis.
    Now my bike is 40km. away from me. I miss her!! Although I think it is quite safe...it is not like having her in my garage!
    Sorry to bore you out, I just had to tell somebody.

  2. Ouch. I did that with my hip a few years back in Germany. Most painful thing I've ever experienced. Also it's hard to walk on crutches after self medicating with Jagermeister.

    Hope it rights itself sooner rather then later.
  3. sorry to hear man, those nerves and muscles are the quickest things to land you on yer arse
  4. Sorry to hear about your knee....the clinic nurse/docs are pretty good at monash.. I was working Sunday morning at Triage, and the que was good! You must have come Sun arvo/night..I try to avoid doing Sun/Mon nights like the plague cos it basically sucks with how busy it is! :shock:

    Hope you heal up soon..rest is prolly the only thing to help it :)
  5. Not good news Domenico,

    I assume the HD is at Sirens.
    Off memory when the previous sous left her bike there for a few days, the owners brought it inside each night so it would be safe, I hope they can do the same for yours.

    Best of luck with a speedy recovery

  6. I recently just rotated my hip grabbing a bottle of water out of the fridge believe it or not. I felt a sharp pain in my back which was caused by a mild pinched nerve...i've been having nerve pain running down my right leg ever since. Now im seeing an osteo.

    The osteo tells me it was caused becuase of tight quads and hamstrings.
  7. jackarau

    its called "wedont-likethe -twisties syndrone
    it is common among Harley rides

    what haves it is due to the lack of circulating blood on a lean angle of more tha 10 degrees
    because harley riders sit back like in a vibrating lounge chair the arse gets massaged and the legs get nothing
    also the brain doesnt get much excitement either as most cant do over 140kph so it punishs the rider for owning one .

    the treatment for it is to sell it and by a VTR and do more rides and lots of twisties and get the adreniline and blood supplt circulating once again :wink: :D

    take care , hope you are well soon :D
  8. hmm the last time I went to Monash I had an lovely 8 hour wait.
    went to the triage and I was still 5th on the list :shock:

    triage freaked when he realised how long i had been waiting (but there were no beds) so they stuck me in the kiddy ward. wasn't sure if the cow in a spacesuit was a picture or a hallucination :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Russ ,
    sorry about that , my mother-in-law was hanging the hospital around that night :wink:
  10. If this site lasts a few more years I suppose we young 'uns will have to listen to you oldies go on about how "hips just aren't made like they were in my day" and "Pffft! Call that a walking frame? Where's the crome?"

    Not to mention the tall stories of feats of bravery and reckless speed on the shopping trolley scooters those of your generation will be enjoying. You know the ones, they have space for an oxygen bottle on the back (but you'll be telling everyone it's a nitro canister).

    :p :p :p :p :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p :p :p :p
  11. Yeah... but wait till we get Nitro AND Oxygen!!

    Then mix them up cos of altshiemers, breath the Nitro and shove pure oxygen into the brush cutter motor we had installed on the "mobility scooter"

    What a HOOT!!

  12. I'm waiting to see a mobility scooter with a sports pipe and pilot powers, meself.
  13. Jackarau - sorry to hear about your knee. It happened to me about 15 years ago. I was 18 at the time. Ligament of the knee joint strained, pinched by the knee-cap IIRC, didn't understand the medical jargon and was dosed on Naprosyn at the time doctor was explaining exactly what happened. Wanted to do exploratory surgery but everything came right after about two weeks.
  14. You got the best bed in the house! The cow in the spacesuit is my fav picture in the kiddie ward :D

    Speaking of more beds..they might be do renovation to Monash so there is better facilities and more beds starting in July.. just waiting for the govermint allow us to have a better department. There is only ONE toilet for the whole staff in Emergency (about 30+ people)...so you can see they care about us too :? :roll: :)
  15. CBC,
    thats because the patients are the ones that are supposed to be fu;; of shit , not the staff :LOL:
  16. Every time I read about an off and an hourly wait for beds / doctors I remind myself that I need private health.

    Any recommendations?
  17. Thank you all for the messages, wizard, yes the bike is still there and they wheel it in at night and wheel it out in the morning.
    Grobert!!!!!!!! What can I say? I thought that joyining the Patriots you would have seen the light! I take it you must still be training.
    Get a Harley and you will instantly be moved up to a senior ranking position. At the Hospital they were nice, sorry to have missed you Code Blue Chick, but they were a bit overwhelmed at about 9.30 pm.
    I thought Sunday night would have been a quite night!!!
    Anyway, to-day I am off to have X-Ray done, my appointment with the specialist is for next wed. I am not going to wait for that. I need to work,...and yes, ride! HD Adrenaline!!!
    Ciao all
  18. huh...?
    the TAC had me in a private hospital with one of the best knee surgeons in the country (he does most of the AFL footballers knee fixes)
    within a week of the accident..
    got the knee cleaned out
    broken kneecap stuck back together
    ligaments tightened
    plus a free piccie of the inside of my knee via the arthroscope
    ..its in COLOUR :shock:

    all for free *

    and I was walking 3 days later
    oh and out on the bike too :D

    * I do pay my bike rego and TAC fee though