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knee guards under the mc jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by twainharte, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. anybody on here wear knee protection under their > insert name brand < mc jeans? more specifically something like this:


    i tend to wear the kevlar mc jeans daily and am thinking about additional protection for the knees for, you know, just in case...

    opinions/thoughts from people who use them?

  2. Yep. I've got the 661's version of the same thing... a bit less tough looking than the one in your pic... they fit well under my draggin cargos... and were unfortunately tested in Tassie recently :roll:

    Mine have a comfort liner and were worn without complaint all day and/or for 300-400km jaunts.

    I can't imagine going for a twisty scratch without them under my cargos now...
  3. ooooh where do you purchase such things of wonder from??

    my knee still hurts from an off with no knee protection....
  4. Here: http://www.fortheriders.com

    care to share the incident?

    what type of pant were you wearing and what did the injury consist of?
  5. Bought mine from Race Replica in Melbourne.
  6. I have 2 different brands of much the same thing. Around $25 from most anywhere. I use them under draggin cargoes and have no complaints after many months of commutes.
  7. I got a set when I bought my Draggins, I find they move about and give me the shits, I am forever making adjustments but I need the 'safety blanket' of knowing they're there.
  8. I'd love to hear of suggestions for knee protection under Draggin's - those look fairly large..

    Any decent sewable ones?

  9. incident can be found here:


    I was wearing Kevlar Jeans (Hornees), they stood up well to sliding, but there's no impact protection at all, so my knee hit the deck doing about 50km/h. Nothing broken, but i've done something to it because it hurts when i'm standing for extended periods of time, and i still can't bend it properly (this is 3 weeks on though)
  10. ah, yes. cheers, mate.

    did read about that.

    lucky circumstances, indeed.

    farking u-turing cagers! :evil:
  11. anybody on here who wears kneeguards able to post up a pick of how it looks when under a pair of jeans?
  12. +1 and whats recommened under draggins... needs to retain some level of comfort. I want to stitch mine in..
  13. I'm thinking about buying a pressure suit with built in elbow, shoulder, back and chest protection. Would this fit under a jacket or is it a bit dweebish?

  14. I remember a friend telling me about velcro in kneepads for draggins, they velcro on the inside.. i wonder if they'll work with hornee's?

    I don't think that would fit under an armored leather jacket due to the added bulk of more armor along your arms and shoulders, which is where the jacket tends to be tight.
  15. I'm not really sure about this, but I think the idea is that if ou're going to wear body armour you'd want to remove armour from the jacket (if it's removable), or get a jacket without armour. Because as you said, two layers of pads would make the whole thing too bulky and difficult to deal with.

    And before somebody asks 'what's the point then?', the point of replacing your jacket armour with body armour is that it is more comprehensive, possibly better quality and above all, more likely to stay in the right place on impact.
  16. i've got both types. one lot (knox) have velcro that stick to the kevlar in my draggins. the other are strap on (dainese) that I wear under leather jeans.
    the velcro ones stay in the draggins and after I got them positioned right they are pretty comfy. the strap on ones are more difficult as the strap can rub under my knee if I don't get it positioned right and I have to do the boot up over the top of the padding. not much difference once they are fitted properly but neither are much fun to walk in.
    rather than fit them on the bike I wore them while watching TV and worked out what was comfortable.
    haven't crash tested either
  17. which velcro ones do you have? got a photo?
  18. I got me a pair of these [​IMG]

    haven't tested them but felt like I needed them after a low side wearing just my draggins - no impact proctection wearing just draggins. these fit nicely under the jeans. I can wear them all day, from 9am but they do tend to get itchy around the knee cap say 5pm-ish. Not uncomfy to walk in but they do need to slip inside the boots at the shin. Luckily my boots can adjust to accomodate.
  19. If you are looking at the strap ons, try youth rather than adult size. the only diff is the length of the shin guard, which makes them a better match up with your boots for road riding.