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Knee down

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Bravus, May 30, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. I love that pic, has been circulating for a while. (Was looking for that one for my avatar)

    Actually, what the hell is he wearing? Looks like vinyl :eek:
  3. Doh! And here I thought I was bringing something new. Ah well, the good stuff gets shared... ;)
  4. Dag nabbit... I havent seen that before....
    I had the same idea (but mines better :p)

    Twas taken near a friends place. (i get bored easily ok :p)

  5. IMO fukawi1 displays better technique as he is looking through the corner.
  6. Pfft noob, only posers get the knee down :p :LOL: :LOL:.
  7. Looking through the corner is irrespective of hanging off......
  8. [​IMG]

    Can't quite get my knee down yet tho =/
  9. Courtesy of Mickyb:
  10. That donkey looks freaked out.
  11. i seen it before , but it still a laugh :p
  12. That seems like a great idea for a Netrider challenge.
  13. Haha, looks like the Jam Factory? Was thinking of doing the same thing. :)
  14. Nah it's at chadstone next to the movies... not sure if it's an NRG still or an intensity.