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Knee down practice

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by UDLOSE, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. I've been sucking at right handers so I thought I'd have a play on my gf's 250 at low speed. Here's a video that I made. Don't read too much into it, I'm just screwing around.

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  2. Genuine question, how come your gf's gear selector is back to front?
  3. It makes you faster.

    UDLOSE what camera did you use?
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  4. OMG knee down on the road, think of the children!
  5. must be nice to have a quiet industrial area with good road surface nearby........\\:D/

    just wait though untill 'A Current Affair' hears about this[-(

    shame on you..... no concerns for small children and kittens at all :p
  6. looks like fun!
  7. Hate to sound like the grumpy old guy... even though I'm only 28... but seriously, there is no need to get your knee down on the road.

    Watch those awesome Japanese police competitions and see what I mean.
  8. Yes if your talking about gymkarna type riding knee down isn't the fastest way around. I was doing the low speed stuff to work on my form for track type riding. I wanted to observe my foot position and fix the problems I'd been having with rights.

    I went for a run up the putty since and put it to good use. My rights are much better now. I'm not going to get into that argument about "no point getting knee down on the road". I ride twisties and track I get my knee down on both.
  9. It's called GP shift or reverse shift. There's a few reasons for it. I did it to my track bike and it was great so we now run all our bikes as GP shift for consistency.
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