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Knee Down Guide

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Chef, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. #1 Chef, Jan 1, 2007
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  2. I haven't seen that before, excellent information in that video. :grin:
    Interesting what someone can achieve after 15min of the right information and some coaching.
  3. Saw that vid a couple of weeks ago. It inspired me to look for leathers with sliders ;)

    Ey Loz, you can now stop rubbing your knee on the bricks mate :rofl:
  4. "I remember my first time -- I think everyone does!"
  5. ...and I have the perfect roundabout just down the road :grin: :grin:

    I know where I will be tommorow :grin:
  6. Hey cool, glad to see it's well received.
    Hope everyone posts back here when they've nailed it.
    Better still, film it and show us. :grin:

    Cheers Scheff
  7. Seen it, tried it, still no f*cken love.

    I'll get there. Mark my words.
  8. IMHO, the knee down obsession for road riding is just a wank factor and pissing contest ... some people thinking it gauges manhood and riding ability.

    You see 'them' with their arses hanging right off the bike just to scrape the knee pads, whilst making the rest of their body off the bikes centreline and stopping good riding technique.

    I've seen very few riders with scraped knee pads actually cornering correctly - body aligned correctly and speed, suspension, riding line all correct so that they only need to extend their knee ~5cm for it to touch the bitumen. Most of the knee scrapers just hang their arses off to far so that they can reach, and aren't thus cornering properly.

    If your body alignment, speed, suspension, and riding line are all good then you are already cornering at the best of you and your bikes ability and extending the knee, and don't really need to extend the knee a few extra cms for scraping unless it's for the pose factor.

    Is correct cornering technique the goal, or is it scratched knee scrapers? If the latter .. then just hang your arse far off the bike and spark them-up ... just about any monkey can do that!
  9. A lot of motorcycling is wank factor Jason. Getting from A to B faster than your mates and feeling proud of yourself is just as wanky, as is doing wheelies and stoppies. Having a shiny bike is wanky, having a loud exhaust is wanky. Sure it's unnecessary, but it's fun and another part of riding.

    Personally I know I've put on a fair bit of speed since I took Cathar's advice and started getting my body off the bike and letting it stay more upright. It took some time to get used to and initially slowed me down, but now I'm more comfortable with it I'm sure it's made a positive difference. For starters I can corner faster without footpegs scraping, and the suspension feels a lot happier dealing with bumpy and rough stuff. Call it a mental thing or self fulfilling prophecy if you like but it makes me feel safer going faster.

    Getting the knee down now is a challenge in itself and a riding technique I want to learn and make my own judgement on. It's like learning to do a stoppie, it teaches you more about your bike's dynamics and how it's behaving under abnormal forces and circumstances.

    Anyway, nobody's forcing you to take part, you are under no obligation to get good at it yourself so you can make an informed decision or anything. ;)
  10. Interesting comments Jason.

    I seem to remember on the Gippsland ride when you ran into that left-hand corner on the way into Boolarra with me on your tail, and you promptly demonstrated a correct cornering technique so well that you went way onto the opposite side of the road and then almost off it, while I, hanging off my bike and obviously utilising a poor riding technique rode through the corner and yet never threatened to come within 2m of the center-line.

    Is that what you mean by an example of you demonstrating a "good riding technique", as opposed to me (being one of "them" that hangs off) demonstrating a bad one? :grin: :p

    I remember thinking to myself - "What on earth are you doing over there?!" :eek:, and then thinking, "How lucky that there were no oncoming cars". :shock:
  11. It begins....
  12. Ohhhhh, just in time for the fight sene.

    Let me just get comfy here.

    Ok ready :popcorn:
  13. :LOL: If you're going start calling people wankers, at least make sure that no one sees you with your hand "on it"! :grin:
  14. :roll: You showing your blindness, ignorance, or just baiting?
  15. And nor do I feel it, just weighing into the conversation and giving an alternative opinion .. as I did with you last night :wink:

    Been there, done that. I, as will most riders, corner better without adding in the un-necessary wank factor :)
  16. If you slide a cheek off the seat and DON'T put the knee out, your hips will be twisted... so putting the knee out has purpose and a few other practical benefits.

    It's the poor technique hanger offerers that are going for wank factor.

    For the record - hanging off and all the rest of the leaning/weight shifting plethora of technique, is about allowing the bike to stay more upright for the same speed through a given corner.

    Let's not get lost in a petty debate.
  17. Now, now. You were the one waving the red rag... :grin: Of course I'm baiting!

    We all makes mistakes mate. We're human after all. In light of that incident though I just found it amusing - your subsequent lecturing about correct cornering technique while weilding the black and white minstrel brush and labelling all those that hang off as wankers.
  18. :popcorn:
    Quit yerr bitchin', ya knob heads!

    Thanks for the thread dude, good watch :)

    I feel like going into every thread made yesterday and paste the smiley 'welcome to last year', would be a right laugh. to me, anyway.

  19. :LOL: Jeez, ya go to bed at a reasonable hour and miss all the fun.
    Yes, getting the knee down is a bit of wank for some out there,
    And for some it's a bit of fun, and makes riding more interesting.
    We could have a vote and pick one person on the forum (it may not be you Mouth :p ) and all ride like them.
    But hey, then we'd end up with a forum of one.
    That probably wouldn't stop that person having a shitfight with themselves just for old times sake though. :roll:
    Go and get ya knees down guys/girls, come back and show us.
    That will make the thread more interesting.

    Cheers Scheff
  20. As much as it pains me to do so -in some ways I tend to agree with Mouth as to hanging off the bike & knee down, on the road anyway. On the track it's a whole different kettle of fish but we are talking about road "riding" -not racing. Yep I know I'll get shot down for saying it -but isn't road riding supposed to be fun? As opposed to riding as fast as one can possibly go? I know people say they use their knee as a lean angle feeler but myself -I prefer to use various parts of the bike for that purpose :LOL: :LOL: To me thats half the fun of it -grinding off bits that are not supposed to be ground off :shock: