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Knee down course?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rev, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    Now I know you wouldn't do this on the road as I have a desire to get my knee down around a track.
    Has anyone done a knee down course? any good?
    I heard rider boys in Calder do it, but heard it was a bit slow and unrealistic.

    Would I be better doing a superbike school? I know this would be a bit more expensive compared to the knee down, but closer to what I want.


  2. I just hope you plan on doing the knee-down course on the CBR and not the CT110 :).
  3. Hmmm. Need to understand that getting the knee down is a consequence of correct body positioning and high lean angle when taking corners quickly. By all rights you should never be trying to get the knee down, it'll just happen, so I find the concept of a "knee-down course" somewhat bizarre.

    First, learn how to corner properly. The superbike school is great for teaching this. The SBS doesn't really focus on body positioning until Level 3 though, Levels 1 and 2 are really more about learning to take a corner properly and they're only interested in fixing body positioning problems you may have, not focusing on knee down posture to begin with. You can go faster without ever sticking a knee out than 95% of the people who do get their knee down for posing reasons.

    You may find though that by the end of Level 1 that you can get your knee down anyway, but even if you don't, I guarantee you'll walk away a better rider (provided you listen and do the exercises) than any course which merely focuses on getting your knee down before teaching you how to corner properly.
  4. nah, the jog 50, LOL

    truthfully I have a big fast motorcycle that I only ride to and from work.
    I'd like to get more from it, in a safe enviroment.

  5. As I take it nobody has actually done a knee down course, they must not be that flash.

    Hmmmm, makes sense now!
    I take it they are just interested in posers who want marks on their knee scrappers without being able to explain how?

    thanks for info

  6. Ah, come to a Netrider track day, we'll be organizing some in the near future, after all, we all ride poser bikes, why can't we pose with our knee down? I remember the first time I got my knee down, man it was a buzz, I can understand people wanting to do it.

    I am happy to give free tuition if I'm at a track day with any Netriders, I'm an A grade racer, been racing Superbikes for 20 years, I've finished in the top 20 of World Superbike races riding a near stock ZXR750, I hope I know something that could benefit some riders?
  7. I'll see if I can get some other A grade racers to donate their time.
  8. wow, sign me up!!!!

  9. wow... wish i could be there for that!!!! mind you.. i think i should do a cornering and braking course first:p just so i dont spill on the track he he... tracks make you wanna go faster... i'm not ready for too fast around corners with the big boys yet :p
  10. Go out to the local track, there'll be heaps of racers that will help you, most of them are pretty friendly :)
  11. yeah one of my mates that got me into riding used to go regularly... but all the stories he tells me :p he roe a cbr 900 fireblade... an used to lov e comin home after a track day tellin me about how he hosed an R1 he he... and lots of those sort of stories.. dont wanna be on the track when those sorts of guys are on... am too slow an not wanting to be on when the zooming past :p and dont want to try to get out of their way only to get into it :(
  12. If you speak to the guys that are out there (on the track), they'll give you tips on the best way to get into it. There'll be days when there won't be many 'hero's' at the track and you can safely get up to speed. I think it is very important to have sticky sport/race tyres that are in good condition, that way you can safely keep your corner speed up.
  13. i've heard nothing but good things about this course. the Rider boys have been teaching for years (all ex Motorcycle Motion etc), the slow pace gets u used to the feeling of having your knee down, and those people i know who've done it were able, next time they did a track day, to get their knee down easily as a result (albeit they all professed to having a 'preferred' knee!!).
  14. is there a track day where the max you can go around a cnr is 80km?

    yeah i have to book myself in to a SBS course sometime in the near future. So if anyone is heading down preferbably with a trailer let me know.
  15. Definitely check out the Cornering courses that SBS run at Phillip Island... I've got a thread here and will most likely book in for the Fri 22nd September :grin:

    Johnny O, when will you be looking at these track days?? I'll be doing the HRCA track days in Sep-Dec but will come along to any that you'll be offering some tuition at
  16. There's a track day at Broadford next Sunday, we can start there. We'll post days up on the forum as they come up. There'll be plenty as Summer get closer :grin:
  17. guess you mean Sun 16th July?? If so I can't make it coz I have a paintball tournament on the 16th... I'll just have to wait til the next one :(
  18. After i watched them run the learners course my gf was doing, i had doubts they did much besides talk about knee down.

    Has anyone actually done one?