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Knee Down - Broadford

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Beza, Sep 13, 2010.

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  2. Looks awesome....would love to go to that....especially with the long haired blond ;)
  3. ...AND there'd be more than just a knee going down ;)
  4. haha, just hopefully not the R1 !!! :bolt:
  5. No way mate !!! The R1 (mine), the way it is, will be NOWHERE near the track for some time to come.
    The Gixxer on the other hand....
    Might see if I have time off from work to attend this - looks like some serious fun !
    Thanks for the post, Beza (y)
  6. aww... but just think of the purrrdy sparks thos gold rearsets would give off :D
  7. Well hopefully I get to bust in my virgin knee's without binning it
  8. hahahaha knee down is the holy grail of motorcycle riding... are you serious? what rubbish... or good marketing?

    u want to ride knee down... buy some top notch tyres and get out to the track and ride. knee down will happen in time, after your confidence and skill builds to a level your corner speed is faster, thus need to lean lower.

    once you're riding "knee down" you introduce a new problem of putting too much weight on the slider, thus un-weighting the tyres a little, usually resulting in the bike pushing wide. so keep this in mind if you're getting close.

    i really don't like how people go out and try to get a knee down... trying for it wont make it happen... all trying will do is take your focus away from cornering properly. just let it happen with time.
  9. I know all about the principles of getting your knee down. It's more about a day where I can get out on the track and have fun while having someone give me pointers along the way.
    I'm not going to get that at a 'track' day.

    Kinda funny you mention good tyres though. I bought some last week and managed to bin it through some twisties yesterday. Oil, new tyres, wet road and a nice corner = fail.

    Managed to get both knees down though as well as a shoulder :p
  10. i think im going to give this a go chance to have some fun and improve some road craft may just get some gr8 tips
  11. Do it mate I rekon it will be a load of fun
  12. They came to the DOCV meeting to talk about the courses.
    I am doing the advanced roadcraft, good gee up before I ride off to do the Snowy ride.
    Anyway the 'Knee down ' course is just about looking ahead and learning that you can lean the bike over to go around a corner instead of pannicking, grabbing the brakes and dropping it. they only go to about 30kmh. Its about correct position, attitude etc etc that apply to cornering. I will certainly be doing it, quite a few club members have done the course, some quite experienced track riders and they came away very impressed. YMMV!
  13. Thanks for the heads up that sounds perfect for me. I'm going shopping for some leathers this weekend then I'll be all sorted.

    I'm just hoping it's a sunny day out there on the Monday.
  14. I'm really put off by the photos, everyone's getting there knee down, but there body position is all twisted up, and frankly looks shite.

    If your trying to get your knee down for some ego boost it seams, it almost doesn't matter how bad your body position is!

    Still, its tempting for a track day (if i've read it right,) and some coaching for 260 bucks!
  15. Like your photo...
  16. Go on...
  17. I was with the some Ducati club guys who had done the course tonight. We were talking to this guy
    http://www.paolopirozzi.com/it/ truly amazing!

    Anyway they asked why one guy was doing the course ,as he was a very experienced rider, and he said to learn how to turn slowly! On slow bends he just can't get the right position to get the bike to turn.
    Anyway as commented earlier its all about position, looking ahead etc.
    The knee down part, is too use the knee as a guide to where you are on the road and then how far you can lean and get around a corner instead of panicking and grabbing the brakes.
    The Yarra Shire ride I did with the Stay upright instructors did bring this up, that many riders panick, grab a brake instead of just leaning into the corner more. Certainly some tips they gave about position where very good.
    I think the awkwardness is about using your body to hang on and not your arms, as if you lock your arms then the front forks don't move as intended and the bike doesn't track as well. I am a bit sketchy about this but I have read about that idea a few times.

    As to the courses , just be aware that there is the Kneedown course that is 1/2 a day, and the roadcraft course that is a full day and more orientated to returning riders skills.
  18. I had the best day ever.

    I got there around 8am for scrutinerring and filled out a few 'we love you but if anything happens we're not at fault' forms. By about 9 or so I was in my group and started the first briefing for the day on what to expect.

    Each session started off with a classroom tutorial and we were given two or three things to work on each time we went out which was great because it was much easier to absorb and concentrate on when I got out there.

    Being my first 'track' day and the only one on a 250 I was a little intimidated at first thinking I was going to hold everyone up as went went out onto the track.

    Once I was out there though and did a few laps my nerves dissapeared and I really started to enjoy myself.

    As the day went on I couldn't stop grinning the more comfortable I got with the corners the lower and faster I went.

    Each of us got to spend some one on one lap time with Cameron Donald who'd follow you for a lap or so and then lead you through some lines then pull over for some pointers on what you could improve on. It's amazing what a little change to your riding can make.

    By the end of the day I was keeping up with some of the bigger bikes through some of the corners only to be blasted once on the straights. It's kinda humbling though how fast some of these guys are around the track they made it look effortless.

    The best thing was none of them did anything stupid when over taking me and usually waited until I was out of a corner before going past.

    By the end of the day I was feeling pretty fatigued so ended up leaving half way through the last session as I could see myself loosing concentration and figured it's best not to spoil and awesome day with an off so headed to the Broadford pub for a nice cold beer.
  19. Beza,
    Well done mate..sounds like you had heaps of fun !
    Couldn't have topped off an already enjoyable day any better with that beer at the Broady Pub ;)
  20. Beaza, well done. i was on it as well and we spoke , even thou i didnt know you and u wouldnt remember yes it was good and a few more track days and that suit of yrs will loosen up!!..or as i said..get a 2 piece for nice warm days!!..good on ya nice write up!